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Are you looking for the perfect rims for your vehicle? With us you will not only find a large selection of high-quality rims, but we can also offer you the right tires upon request.

High-quality off-road rims and centering rings for your driving adventure

Discover your specialists for high-quality rims and precisely fitting centering rings. Enjoy optimal safety and precise fit with every wheel assembly. Choose the ideal product for your vehicle here.

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Master any terrain: Premium off-road rims and precise centering rings

Immerse yourself in the world of - your first address for first-class off-road rims that will transform your driving experience. With us you will find an exclusive selection of robust and stylish rims that are specially designed for off-road challenges.

Our range is complemented by high-precision centering rings that ensure flawless compatibility and balance of your wheels. Trust in quality and innovation to equip your vehicle for every adventure. Discover our range and find the perfect combination of performance and aesthetics for your vehicle.

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Perfekte Kombination aus Stil und Leistung: Unsere Bestseller-Felgen bieten höchste Qualität und beeindruckendes Design. Rüsten Sie Ihr Fahrzeug jetzt auf und erleben Sie Fahrspaß pur!

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4x rims RID R06 9.5x20 ET20 6x114.3
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4x rims Dirt D210 9x18 ET20 6x135/139,7
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4x rims Dirt D19 9.5x22 ET18 6x139.7
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4x rims Dirt D91 9.5x20 ET18 6x114.3 + 4x tires Black Bear AT2 285/50/20
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4x rims Dirt D42 9×18 ET25 6×139.7
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€1.599,00 EUR
€1.489,00 EUR
€1.799,00 EUR
€2.590,00 EUR
€1.399,00 EUR

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  • Dodge

From spring 2024

The new Concave RID R06 Wheels

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rid r06

Discover the RID R06 rims

The RID R06 rims are available in the popular 20 inch size and offer a wide range of offsets (ET), including ET20, ET10 and ET13, ensuring optimal fit and performance. You can choose from two attractive color variants: the classic matt black and the eye-catching bronze with a black outer edge. These color options add a touch of elegance and strength to your vehicle.

Here are some of the variants available:

  • 9.5×20 ET20 6×139.7
  • 9.5×20 ET20 5×112
  • 9.5×20 ET20 6×114.3
  • 9.5×20 ET20 5×130
  • 9.5×20 ET20 5×127
  • 9.5×20 ET20 5×120
  • 9.5×20 ET10 5×139.7
  • 9.5×20 ET20 6×135
  • 9.5×20 ET-13 6×135
  • 9.5×20 ET-13 6×139.7
  • 9.5×20 ET10 6×139.7
  • 9.5×20 ET-13 5×139.7
  • 9.5×20 ET20 6×139.7

RID Wheels - Perfektion auf Rädern

Entdecken Sie die Welt der RID Wheels, die für ihre erstklassige Qualität bekannt sind. Egal, ob Sie durch städtische Straßen fahren oder Offroad-Terrain erkunden, RID Wheels bieten die ideale Kombination aus Stil, Stabilität und Sicherheit.

  • Unvergleichliches Design trifft auf Top-Performance
  • Für jedes Terrain und jede Fahrt geeignet
  • Modernste Technologie für maximale Sicherheit
  • Vielseitige Auswahl für individuelle Bedürfnisse

Verleihen Sie Ihrem Fahrzeug mit RID Wheels das gewisse Extra und erleben Sie eine neue Dimension des Fahrens. Kontaktieren Sie uns für detaillierte Informationen und lassen Sie sich von unserer Expertise überzeugen.

DIRT A.T Wheels

Die DIRT A.T Wheels sind bekannt für ihre robuste Bauweise und ihr modernes Design. Sie eignen sich perfekt für Offroad-Abenteuer und bieten gleichzeitig eine stilvolle Ästhetik für den städtischen Einsatz. Mit einer Vielzahl von Größen und Farbvarianten passen sie zu vielen Fahrzeugmodellen und -stilen.

  • Robuste und langlebige Konstruktion
  • Modernes und stilvolles Design
  • Perfekt für Offroad und Stadt
  • Verfügbar in verschiedenen Größen und Farben

Wenn Sie nach zuverlässigen und stilvollen Rädern suchen, sind die DIRT A.T Wheels die richtige Wahl für Sie. Kontaktieren Sie uns für weitere Informationen und Bestellungen.

D88 Flatblack 2210

Dirt AT Wheels is the Nordics' leading rim brand for pickups and 4x4s. Our high-quality products guarantee maximum customer satisfaction with their appropriate design and optimal fit. The rims are primarily designed for pickups such as Dodge Ram, Chevrolet Silverado, Ford F150, Ford Ranger, Toyota Hilux, Mitsubishi L200, Isuzu D-Max, Nissan Navara and Mercedes X-Class. Dirt AT Wheels stands for stylish, affordable and durable rims. The Dirt AT D66 model is also suitable for vehicles with large brakes such as Navara V6, X350, the new Silverado and GMC.

Do you have questions about a product?

The most important questions & answers about centering rings and rims

What are centering rings?

Centering rings are small, ring-shaped components that are used in rims. They are used to center the rim on the wheel hub of the vehicle. Centering rings are available in different sizes to accommodate different wheel hub diameters.

Is a centering ring necessary?

Yes, in most cases, centering rings are necessary when installing rims on your car. They are used to ensure that the rims are correctly centered on the vehicle's wheel hub. This prevents vibrations, imbalances and possible damage to the wheels and suspension.

How can I measure centering rings?

To determine the correct size for alignment rings, you will need to measure the diameter of your vehicle's wheel hub. This can be done with a caliper or a ruler. Make sure you get the exact size as there can be different diameters depending on your vehicle model and manufacturer.

What do you need to know about rims?

The most important key figures for the correct rim size are the rim diameter and the rim width. The diameter of the rim is given in inches. It corresponds to the inner diameter of the tire. The rim width is also known as the internal width and corresponds to the distance between the rim flanges.

How do I find out which bolt pattern I have?

You can often find the bolt circle in the vehicle registration document or determine it by measuring: The distance from the center of one hole to the center of the opposite hole indicates the bolt circle. If you cannot find any information in the vehicle registration document, a friendly person will certainly be able to help you.

What do you have to pay attention to when buying rims?

When buying rims, you should make sure that:The rims are approved for your specific vehicle model.You must choose the correct size, width and offset. The rims have a TÜV parts certificate or an ABE.

Can I mount any rim on my vehicle?

No, not every rim fits every vehicle. Compatibility depends on factors such as bolt circle, offset (ET), rim width and diameter. It's important to know your vehicle's specific needs.

What is the difference between offset (ET) and bolt circle?

The offset (ET) indicates how far the mounting surface of the rim is offset from the center of the rim. A low ET value means that the rim extends further out. The bolt circle defines the diameter of an imaginary circle that passes through the centers of the wheel bolt holes and determines which rims fit on the wheel hub.

Can I install larger rims on my vehicle?

Larger rims can be installed, but it is important to consider the rolling circumference so as not to affect the speedometer reading. There must also be enough space in the wheel well to ensure a proper fit and sufficient spring movement.