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Dacia Duster off-road rims: the best options for off-road driving

Dacia Duster Offroad Felgen: Die besten Optionen für Geländefahrten

Artur Hoffmann |

The Dacia Duster is a versatile vehicle that is suitable not only for everyday use but also for off-road adventures. To fully exploit the off-road potential of the Dacia Duster, it is advisable to use special off-road rims. These rims support the vehicle's performance on rough terrain and improve handling and traction.

Off-road rims for the Dacia Duster are available in a variety of designs and materials to suit the individual needs and preferences of drivers. When buying off-road rims for the Duster, it is important to pay attention to the right size and material to achieve optimal results.

Overall, off-road rims for the Dacia Duster are a high-quality addition that not only improves the vehicle's off-road capability, but also enhances its appearance. Thanks to the various options available, drivers can tailor their vehicles to their needs and take the off-road experience with their Duster to a new level.

Dacia Duster model overview

Over the years, the Dacia Duster model has undergone some changes. The first generation ran from 2010 to 2017, while the current second generation is available on the market from 2018. Both generations offer different engine variants, including petrol, diesel and even LPG models.

For off-road use, it is essential to choose the right rims and tires for the Dacia Duster. There are a variety of off-road tires and rims available for various Dacia models, including the Duster. 16-inch alloy wheels are a common option for the Duster, such as those offered on the Dotz website.

If you want to find out the right rim and tire size for your Dacia Duster, you can find the right sizes for different vehicle years on websites like .

Another aspect that should be taken into account when buying off-road rims for the Dacia Duster is the quality and durability of the rims. It is important to select a rim that can withstand the challenges of off-road driving while not compromising the vehicle's handling characteristics. With the right off-road rims and tires, your Dacia Duster becomes an ideal choice for off-road adventure and driving fun.

Bolt circles Dacia Duster

On the Dacia Duster, the bolt circle is an important factor that must be taken into account when choosing rims and tires. The bolt circle indicates the number and diameter of the holes in the rim that are required to attach the rim to the vehicle.

For the Dacia Duster from 2017-2022 the bolt circle is 5x114.3 . This means that the hole circle consists of five holes that are evenly arranged in a circle with a diameter of 114.3 mm. When selecting rims and tires for the Dacia Duster, it is important to pay attention to this bolt pattern to ensure that the selected rims can be mounted on the vehicle.

In addition to the bolt circle, there are other factors that need to be taken into account when selecting rims and tires for the Dacia Duster. This includes the press-in depth, the center hole, the screws and their thread dimensions. The offset indicates how far the rim protrudes into the vehicle from the outer edge. Center hole and screws are also important for the correct installation of the rim on the vehicle.

In summary, the bolt circle is one of the key elements to consider when choosing off-road rims for the Dacia Duster. Therefore, it is important to be clear about the correct bolt circle and pay attention to this when selecting rims and tires to ensure successful installation and optimal driving performance.

Off-road capabilities and rims

Off-road capabilities of the Dacia Duster

The Dacia Duster is a versatile vehicle that is suitable for both city driving and off-road adventures. Thanks to its robust construction and the possibility of being raised by approx. 30 mm, the Duster can be easily used on unpaved roads and in difficult terrain.

Rims for off-road use

To further improve the off-road capabilities of the Dacia Duster, the vehicle owner can use special aluminum rims . These rims are often more durable and lighter than steel rims, which enables improved handling and increased load capacity in off-road areas. The rim size 5x114.3 is a common size for the Dacia Duster and offers a large selection of suitable rims.

Some important factors to consider when choosing off-road rims for Dacia Duster:

  • Material : Aluminum rims offer a good weight to stability ratio and are therefore well suited for off-road use.
  • Dimension : The rim dimension 5x114.3 is a common size for the Dacia Duster, which means a large selection of suitable rims is available.
  • Design : Off-road rims should have a robust design to meet the high demands of off-road use. For example, the Dotz 4x4 Wheels can be an excellent choice for off-road use.

By choosing the right rims, the vehicle owner can further improve the off-road capabilities of the Dacia Duster and thus ensure that the vehicle is well equipped even in demanding situations.

Color variations and design options

Color options for the Dacia Duster

The Dacia Duster offers a variety of color options to reflect your personal taste and style. Some of the most popular colors are red, green and white. These colors are available for various equipment lines and body styles.

  • Red : A vibrant and eye-catching color that gives your Duster a sporty touch.
  • Green : This natural color is ideal for off-road vehicles and emphasizes the adventure character of the Duster.
  • White : A classic color that combines with off-road rims to create a sleek yet rugged look.

Design of the off-road rims

A variety of off-road rims are available for the Dacia Duster, which can be chosen to suit your personal style and off-road requirements.

Another important aspect in the design of off-road rims is the surface refinement. The rims can be finished in polished aluminum or painted in a variety of colors. A polished surface offers an elegant and high-quality look, while a colored paint finish gives your Duster an individual and eye-catching appearance.

Aluminum rims and winter tires

Alloy wheels are an excellent choice for your Dacia Duster as they not only improve the appearance of the vehicle but also increase performance. The universal aluminum rims in 9x17 Matte Black are perfect for the Dacia Duster, for example. They are both stylish and functional and offer an upgrade to your vehicle.

Winter tires, on the other hand, are essential to ensure optimal road grip and safety during the cold months. The combination of aluminum rims and winter tires is therefore ideal for ensuring the performance of your Dacia Duster on winter roads. One option would be to fit 16-inch winter tires with a suitable aluminum rim that will provide your vehicle with optimal traction and road holding.

It is important to determine the correct sizes and tire specifications for your Dacia Duster in order to find the optimal combination of alloy wheels and winter tires. When buying aluminum rims and winter tires, you should also pay attention to the quality of the materials and the reliability of the manufacturer. This ensures that your vehicle is optimally protected in adverse weather conditions.

In summary, alloy wheels and winter tires offer an effective and attractive solution to improve the performance and appearance of your Dacia Duster during the winter months. The right combination of size and materials ensures optimal driving stability and an attractive appearance.

Dacia Duster configurator

The Dacia Duster configurator makes it possible to find the perfect model for your needs. You can choose the equipment that best suits your Dacia Duster and add all the key features and extras to suit your individual requirements.

Various engine variants are available in the configurator, so you can choose the performance and efficiency that best suits your driving style. Additionally, you can customize the color and design of your future Dacia Duster to your liking.

When it comes to rims, there are options for off-road enthusiasts looking for better performance and a more attractive appearance.

The Dacia Duster configurator also shows you the options for interior and comfort features. This means you can design your Dacia Duster exactly so that it offers you a pleasant driving experience without having to forego important functions and equipment.

Lastly, the configurator provides information about the prices of the different models and options, giving you a clear picture of how much your personal Dacia Duster will cost. This allows you to choose the right mix of features and price and achieve the best value for money for your needs.

In summary, the Dacia Duster configurator allows you to design your dream car according to your individual requirements and preferences. This means you get a vehicle that suits you exactly and gets you safely to your destination.

Cost and availability

The cost of off-road rims for the Dacia Duster varies depending on the brand, material and size of the rims. As a rule, you can expect prices in the range of several hundred to over a thousand euros. It is important to tailor the rims to individual needs and budget.

Some providers such as and Felgenladen24 offer off-road rims and complete wheels for the Dacia Duster. In addition to the rims, the right tires should also be taken into account to ensure optimal off-road performance.

When choosing the right rims and tires, you should also consider the type of terrain on which the car will be used. Special sand tires are suitable for driving on sand, for example in the desert, as they ensure better traction and driving stability.

The availability of off-road rims for the Dacia Duster may vary depending on the provider and location. It is advisable to compare the prices and offers from different retailers in order to find the right product at the best price. Online shops can be a good place to get an overview of the market and, if necessary, make a purchase directly.

Technical aspects

When purchasing off-road rims for the Dacia Duster, it is important to take into account the technical aspects to ensure optimal performance and safety. These include factors such as HSN and TSN, the motor size, as well as suitable rim brands such as DOTZ. The right tires plus mounting and specifications should also be considered.

The HSN (Manufacturer Key Number) and TSN (Type Key Number) are crucial to finding the right off-road rims for your specific Dacia Duster model. You can find these numbers in your vehicle registration document or registration certificate part 1. With the help of the HSN and TSN you can ensure that the rims fit your vehicle perfectly.

Engine power and engine size are also important when it comes to choosing the ideal off-road rims. A powerful engine may require larger or stronger rims to accommodate the additional stress caused by off-road driving and on uneven surfaces.

When choosing the right off-road rims, it is essential to consider the appropriate tires and mounting options. A popular off-road tire size, for example, is 215/65 R16, which provides good grip and comfort in a wide range of conditions. In addition, MS (Mud & Snow) labeled tires are important for off-road use and winter conditions.

Overall, the technical aspects are crucial to finding a solid and high-performance combination of off-road rims and tires for the Dacia Duster. HSN and TSN, engine size, DBV and DOTZ rims as well as the correct tire selection and installation are factors that guarantee a safe and pleasant off-road experience.

frequently asked Questions

Which tire size is suitable for off-road rims?

The suitable tire size for off-road rims on the Dacia Duster depends on the rim size. For 16-inch rims, the standard tire size 215/65 R16 is suitable . When choosing off-road tires, however, you should pay attention to the tire width and profile to ensure better off-road traction.

Which 17-inch rims fit a Dacia Duster?

In order to find the right 17-inch rims for a Dacia Duster, you should pay attention to the correct bolt circle size. The Dacia Duster has a bolt circle of 5 x 114.3 mm . There are various manufacturers that offer suitable 17-inch rims, but you should always make sure that the offset (ET) and the hub centering are compatible.

Are BF Goodrich All-Terrain tires recommended for the Dacia Duster?

BF Goodrich All-Terrain tires are known for their good off-road traction and durability. Therefore, they can be a good choice for the Dacia Duster if you often travel off-road. However, it is important to choose the right tire size and rims and to maintain the tires regularly for optimal results.

Is the Dacia Duster off-road with 17-inch rims?

A Dacia Duster can also be used off-road with 17-inch rims, as long as you choose the right off-road tires and ensure that the chassis height is sufficient. A suspension lift can help improve the vehicle's off-road capability and provides additional ground clearance.

Which bolt circle do rims need for the Dacia Duster?

For the Dacia Duster, rims require a bolt circle of 5 x 114.3 mm . When purchasing rims, especially aftermarket rims, it is important to ensure that the rims have this bolt pattern to ensure they will fit the vehicle.