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Centering rings 60.1 - 57.1

zentrierringe 60,1 - 57,1

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Centering rings 60.1 - 57.1

What are centering rings?

In the world of automotive technology, centering rings are small but crucial components that ensure optimal wheel assembly. These specially crafted rings ensure that car tires are perfectly centered on the wheel hub, reducing vibration and increasing driving safety. If you're looking for a stable, vibration-free ride, alignment rings are the invisible secret behind this comfort. Dive into the technology with us and find out more about these essential helpers!

Difference between 60.1 and 57.1

Centering rings are used to compensate for the difference between a wheel's hub bore and a vehicle's hub flange. This ensures that the wheel is precisely centered and prevents vibrations while driving.

The numbers 60.1 and 57.1 refer to the diameter of the centering ring in millimeters.

- 60.1 : This means that the outer diameter of the centering ring is 60.1 mm.
- 57.1 : This means that the inner diameter of the centering ring is 57.1 mm.

So if you have a wheel with a 60.1mm hub bore and want to mount it on a vehicle with a 57.1mm hub flange, you would need a truing ring with these dimensions. The centering ring would fit into the hub bore of the wheel, ensuring it is accurately centered on the vehicle's hub flange.

It is important to use the correct alignment ring for your specific wheel and vehicle combination to ensure that the wheel is correctly centered and there are no problems or vibrations while driving.

Advantages of centering rings

Benefits of Centering Rings: A Key to a Smoother Ride

Centering rings are often invisible heroes when it comes to vehicle performance. These small but effective components play a crucial role in optimizing driving comfort and safety. But what makes them so indispensable? Here are the benefits of centering rings, packaged in SEO-optimized text:

1. Perfect wheel centering: Centering rings ensure that the wheel is positioned exactly on the wheel hub. This prevents the wheel from wobbling or shifting while driving.

2. Minimizing vibrations: Every driver knows the unpleasant feeling of vibrations in the steering wheel or vehicle. This problem is effectively minimized with centering rings. The result? A ride that feels like you're gliding on a flawlessly smooth road.

3. Increased safety: A correctly assembled wheel reduces the risk of wheel problems or failures. Centering rings help keep the wheel firmly and securely in place, resulting in an overall safer ride.

4. Longer Tire and Vehicle Component Life : By reducing vibration and proper wheel positioning, alignment rings can help reduce wear on tires and other vehicle components.

5. Optimized driving comfort: A stable and vibration-free driving experience contributes significantly to driving comfort. Centering rings are a small detail with a big impact that ensures a smoother and more comfortable ride.

In summary, centering rings are an essential accessory for anyone who values ​​a quiet, safe and comfortable ride. It's like you're driving on a perfectly smooth road, even if that's not the case. Invest in alignment rings and enjoy the difference on the road!

Installation and replacement

In the automotive world, details are crucial. One such detail that is often overlooked but is of great importance is centering rings. These small components play a pivotal role in ensuring a stable and vibration-free ride. But how do you install and change them correctly?

Step-by-step installation:
1. Preparation: Make sure that both the rim hub hole and the centering ring are clean and free of dirt or damage.
2. Positioning: Insert the centering ring into the hub hole of the rim. It should sit firmly and not wobble.
3. Mounting the rim: Mount the rim on your vehicle as usual. The centering ring should ensure that the rim is precisely centered on the wheel hub.

Replacing centering rings:
If you find that your alignment rings are damaged or do not fit properly, you should replace them immediately. A damaged or incorrectly installed centering ring can cause vibration, uneven tire wear, and other problems.

Correct installation and replacement of alignment rings is critical to the performance and safety of your vehicle. An incorrectly installed ring can not only cause vibration, but can also affect the life of your tires and rims. Invest time and care in this process and your vehicle will be rewarded with a smooth and safe ride.

Which cars does the centering ring 60.1 - 57.1 fit on?

The centering ring measuring 60.1 mm (outer diameter) by 57.1 mm (inner diameter) is specifically designed for rims with a hub bore of 60.1 mm that are to be mounted on vehicles with a wheel hub size of 57.1 mm .

The inner diameter of 57.1 mm is typical for many Volkswagen and Audi models. Here are some vehicles that commonly have a wheel hub size of 57.1mm:

- Volkswagen Golf (certain models)
- Volkswagen Jetta (certain models)
- Volkswagen Passat (certain models)
- Volkswagen Beetle (certain models)
- Audi A3 (certain models)
- Audi TT (certain models)

It is important to note that not all models or years of these vehicles necessarily have a wheel hub size of 57.1mm. It is always advisable to check the exact wheel hub size of your specific vehicle before purchasing alignment rings or rims.

If you have rims with a 60.1mm hub bore (which is common on some Lexus and Toyota models) and want to mount them on any of the above vehicles then the 60.1 - 57.1 centering ring would be the one right choice.

Buying advice

There are centering rings made of various materials, including plastic and metal.

Particularly noteworthy is the centering ring made of plastic 60.1mm to 57.1mm in black .

This offers OE original equipment quality , is 100% precise and particularly durable thanks to the use of high-quality plastic.

It is easy to use and ideal for aluminum rims from AEZ, DEZENT, DOTZ, ENZO with a center hole of 60.1 mm.

It is also suitable for vehicles such as Audi, Seat, Skoda, Smart and Volkswagen with a wheel hub diameter of 57.1 mm.

Here you can find this centering ring and many other products.


Centering rings may seem inconspicuous, but their importance for vehicles is immense. As a link between the rim and hub, they guarantee precise wheel centering. This not only leads to increased safety and stability while driving, but also protects rims and tires from premature wear. A correctly selected centering ring – in terms of quality and diameter – is therefore crucial to exploiting the full potential and longevity of your cycling equipment. Invest wisely and your vehicle will thank you.


  • Can I install centering rings myself? Yes, with the right instructions and some caution, you can install them yourself.
  • How often should I check my alignment rings? It is advisable to check them every time you change your tires or at least once a year.
  • Can I drive without centering rings? It is not recommended as it may cause vibration and instability.
  • Is there a difference between plastic and metal rings? Both have their advantages and disadvantages. Plastic rings can be less durable but are often cheaper. Metal rings are more durable but can be more expensive.
  • Where can I buy the centering ring 60.1 - 57.1? They are available at most auto supply stores or online in our store .