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Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

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The most important questions & answers about centering rings

What are centering rings?

Centering rings are specially manufactured rings that are used to compensate for the difference between the hub bore of a vehicle wheel and the vehicle's wheel hub. They ensure a centered positioning of the wheel.

Is a centering ring necessary?

Yes, in most cases, centering rings are necessary when installing rims on your car. They are used to ensure that the rims are correctly centered on the vehicle's wheel hub. This prevents vibrations, imbalances and possible damage to the wheels and suspension.

What does a centering ring do?

A centering ring is a small ring made of metal or plastic that is inserted into the center of a rim. Its purpose is to align the rim exactly with the vehicle's wheel hub and ensure that it is perfectly centered. This ensures smooth and safe operation.

How can I measure centering rings?

To determine the correct size for alignment rings, you will need to measure the diameter of your vehicle's wheel hub. This can be done with a caliper or a ruler. Make sure you get the exact size as there can be different diameters depending on your vehicle model and manufacturer.

What wheel hub diameters are there?

The wheel hub diameters vary depending on the vehicle model and manufacturer. The most common diameters are between 54 mm and 72 mm, but can also be larger or smaller. It is important to determine the exact diameter of your wheel hub in order to select the appropriate centering rings.

What material are centering rings made of?

Most centering rings are made of plastic or metal. Both materials offer a reliable and long-lasting solution for wheel centering.

How do I find the right size of centering rings for my vehicle?

Measure the diameter of your rim's hub hole and the diameter of your vehicle's wheel hub. The difference between these two dimensions indicates the required size of the centering ring.

Can centering rings extend the life of my tires?

Yes, by ensuring proper rim centering, alignment rings can prevent uneven tire wear and therefore help extend the life of your tires

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