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Dotz Dakar: Everything you need to know for your off-road adventure

Dotz Dakar: Alles Wissenswerte für ihr Offroad Abenteuer

Artur Hoffmann |

Dotz Dakar is a well-known rim brand that specializes in off-road rims. The rims are available in various sizes from 15 to 17 inches and offer a wide range of off-road options. The rims are known for their reliability and high quality, which is why they are in high demand among off-road drivers.

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These rims are available in different finishes, including the Dotz Dakar Black and Dotz Dakar Silver . They are available with a rim width of up to 8 inches and an offset of 35 in the color silver. Stylish center caps are included or can be ordered as an option.

Dotz Dakar rims are particularly valued for their TÜV certification and European manufacturing. This guarantees not only the quality of the products, but also their safety. Off-road riders looking for high quality and reliable rims should certainly consider Dotz Dakar.

Dotz Survivals

Dotz Survivals offers off-road lovers and adventurers a wide range of robust 4x4 rims. The rims have been specially developed for use in demanding off-road environments and are ideal for tackling rubble, mud, sand and dirt.

A highlight of this product range is the DOTZ Dakar rim. It is a classic, robust 4x4 steel rim that is aimed at real off-road fans. The rim is ideal for use in extreme off-road conditions and ensures reliable performance in all situations.

Another model in the Dotz Survival series is the DOTZ Dakar Bronze rim. This classic, robust 4x4 steel rim in bronze also offers off-road enthusiasts a high level of reliability and durability in demanding off-road conditions.

Dotz offers the DOTZ Camper Dakar rim for campers and motorhomes. These rims are specifically designed for use on RVs, pickup trucks, and other heavy vehicles. They ensure safe propulsion even off-road.

The rims from the Dotz 4x4 product line are characterized by original equipment quality and short-term availability. This makes them ideal for both professional and private off-road use.

Overall, Dotz Survivals offers off-road rims for a wide range of vehicles and purposes. The focus is always on quality, reliability and high robustness.

Dotz Dakar: An overview

Dotz Survival

Dotz Survival is a product line from Dotz that focuses specifically on off-road rims. They are perfect for drivers who want to move their vehicle through difficult terrain such as gravel, mud or sand. The Dotz Dakar rims are a popular model from this series and offer a combination of functionality, stability and attractive design.

4x4 and SUVs

The Dotz Dakar rims are specially designed for 4x4 and SUV vehicles. Robust and hard-wearing, they are ideally suited to the needs of off-road drivers who value performance and durability. They are available in different dimensions and therefore fit a variety of 4x4 and SUV models.

Dotz Dakar Dark

The Dotz Dakar Dark rims are a variant of the classic Dakar model and feature a dark finish that gives their appearance an aggressive touch. The black finish complements the rims' powerful design, making them an ideal choice for riders seeking both performance and style.

Features of the Dotz Dakar Dark rims:

  • Black paint
  • Robust construction for extreme off-road conditions
  • Available in various sizes and offsets

Dotz Dakar Silver

The Dotz Dakar Silver rims are the classic model from the Dotz Survival series. They are kept in a simple silver tone that underlines their robustness and functionality. They are ideal for drivers who value quality and performance and prefer a subtle design.

Features of the Dotz Dakar Silver rims:

  • Silver paint
  • Durable, robust construction for off-road use
  • Available in different dimensions for different 4x4 and SUV models

The Dotz Dakar rims are an excellent choice for anyone looking for a high-performance and stylish off-road rim solution. With the different surface variants and sizes, they are suitable for a wide range of vehicles and meet the requirements of demanding drivers.

Equipment and materials

Steel rim

The DOTZ Dakar steel rim is known for its robustness and longevity. Made from high quality steel, this rim is ideal for off-road use and offers unrestricted performance in difficult environments such as scree, mud, sand and dirt 1 . The steel rim is resistant to corrosion and deformation, making it an excellent choice for off-road vehicles.

Another advantage of the DOTZ Dakar steel rim is its classic lines, which fit perfectly on many off-road vehicles 2 . In addition, this rim also offers a high load capacity, which is particularly perfect for motorhomes, campers and off-road vehicles.

Aluminum rims

DOTZ also offers aluminum rims, which are a lighter and more visually appealing alternative to steel rims. Aluminum rims are generally less robust than steel rims, but they offer benefits such as weight savings that can improve fuel efficiency and driving performance. They are also corrosion resistant and offer a wide range of design options.

It is important to note that choosing the right rim for off-road vehicles depends on individual requirements and driving conditions. While steel rims are an excellent choice for demanding off-road conditions due to their durability and load-bearing capacity, aluminum rims offer a good balance of performance and aesthetics for less intense off-road driving.




Alcar Group and quality assurance

The Alcar Group is an internationally active industrial and trading group that specializes in steel and light alloy wheels . With a clear strategic focus, Alcar has established itself as the market leader in the European aftermarket for car wheels.

A decisive factor for the success of the Alcar Group is the quality assurance of its products. The company attaches great importance to only producing and selling certified bikes. Alcar's products are TÜV-certified , which means that they meet the strict safety and quality requirements set by the Technical Supervision Organization (TÜV).

The Alcar Group produces wheels in first-class Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) quality . OEM quality means that the wheels meet the same high standards required by the vehicle manufacturers themselves. This ensures that Alcar customers receive a product that impresses in terms of both performance and durability.

Another quality feature of the Alcar Group is the constant development and innovation of its products. For example, the latest rims from DEZENT and DOTZ 4x4 will be available from autumn 2023, which shows that the company is continuously working on optimizing and expanding its range.

Overall, it can be seen that the Alcar Group attaches great importance to quality assurance and certification in order to only offer its customers high-performance and long-lasting wheels. With a comprehensive product portfolio that is constantly being expanded, Alcar is successfully asserting itself as the European market leader in the rim segment.

Off-road adventure


An off-road adventure in the jungle presents off-road drivers and their vehicles with special challenges. The dense vegetation, muddy paths and high humidity demand everything from the drivers. In order to meet these challenges, special off-road vehicles are required that are designed for such extreme conditions, such as vehicles equipped with Dotz Dakar rims .

The Dotz Dakar rims are not only visually appealing, but also offer the necessary robustness and stability that are essential for use in the jungle. Their durable construction means they can withstand the high stresses and strains that off-road riders are exposed to in the jungle.


Off-road adventures in the desert are equally demanding for drivers and vehicles. The extreme temperatures, soft sand and often poor visibility are just some of the challenges that off-road drivers have to face. In order to withstand these extreme conditions, special off-road vehicles with appropriate adaptations and equipment are necessary.

A vehicle with Dotz Dakar rims offers advantages in the desert, as these rims are designed for off-road use and are characterized by their robustness and stability. The rims help the off-road vehicle to travel smoothly even on demanding desert roads.

In the jungle as well as in the desert, Dotz Dakar rims offer a reliable companion for off-road adventures and support the driver and vehicle in successfully facing the challenging conditions.

Dimensions and technical features

The Dotz Dakar rims are known for their robust design and off-road performance. A prominent size of the Dotz Dakar rims is the 7.0x16 inch version. This comes with a rim width of 7 inches and a rim diameter of 16 inches. The rims are available in silver and have an offset of 35.

Rims of this size are ideal for vehicles used both on and off-road as they offer a good balance between traction and ride comfort. They are also suitable for use on motorhomes, campers and related vehicles as they offer a high load capacity. In the case of the VW Bulli T5/T6, for example, even tire size 235/70R16 is permitted, which ensures more ground clearance.

The Dotz Dakar rims also have stylish center caps that are included or can be ordered as an option. It is important to note that the rims are designed for use off-road and in demanding situations, so their performance and construction should be considered accordingly.

In summary, the 7.0x16 inch Dotz Dakar rims offer an excellent combination of strength, robustness and off-road performance. They are ideal for use on vehicles that travel both on and off-road and offer a good balance between traction and ride comfort.

Online shopping and offers

With the advent of the internet, it is now easy to buy Dotz Dakar rims online and find great deals. In online shops, such as , customers have the opportunity to purchase a variety of Dotz 4x4 rims.

The Dotz Dakar rims are known for their quality and robustness, making them an excellent option for drivers looking for durable off-road rims. When shopping online, customers benefit from a wide selection of sizes, colors and offsets for the Dotz Dakar rims, which are available in sizes from 15 to 17 inches and up to a rim width of 8 inches. Customers also have the opportunity to buy the rims at attractive prices and from the comfort of their own home.

Another advantage of online shops is the ability to search for special offers and discounts, which make the already low prices of Dotz Dakar rims even more attractive. By comparing prices and offers on different online platforms, customers can enjoy low prices and great deals.

The availability of user reviews and opinions on most online platforms allows customers to make an informed decision about purchasing the Dotz Dakar rims based on the experiences of other buyers. This gives customers the confidence that they are purchasing a high quality rim.

In summary, purchasing Dotz Dakar rims online provides a convenient and cost-effective way to purchase high-quality off-road rims to enhance the driving experience on unpaved roads.

Dotz 4x4 rim row

The Dotz 4x4 rim range is known for its robust and high-quality off-road steel and light alloy rims. The Dotz 4x4 product range includes various models that adapt to different off-road requirements. The Dotz Modular , Dotz Crunch and Dotz Pharaoh models are presented below.

Dotz Modular

Dotz Modular is a rim modular system designed for off-road enthusiasts. The design is characterized by its versatility and adaptability to different vehicle types and terrain conditions. The rim consists of two parts, a steel rim and a light alloy rim ring. Users can customize the appearance and performance of their vehicle wheels to suit their needs by choosing different rim rings with different widths and colors.

Dotz Crunch

Dotz Crunch is a robust off-road alloy wheel designed for ultimate off-road capability. The design features slanted spokes that not only give the vehicle an angular appearance but also increase the stability of the rim. With its aggressive looks and ability to withstand high loads, Dotz Crunch is the ideal choice for demanding 4x4 drivers who navigate their vehicle through difficult terrain.

Dotz Pharaoh

Dotz Pharaoh is another off-road alloy wheel that is perfect for drivers looking for eye-catching looks and excellent performance. The rim was named after the Egyptian pharaoh and features an iconic and striking look reminiscent of the Pyramids of Giza. Despite its eye-catching appearance, Dotz Pharaoh also offers solid, reliable performance and stability in off-road situations.

The Dotz 4x4 wheel range, including the Dotz Modular, Dotz Crunch and Dotz Pharaoh models, offers a wide range of wheel options for off-road enthusiasts looking to prepare their 4x4 for ultimate off-road capability. With the right combination of Dotz 4x4 rims you can make your off-roader fit for any terrain.

Unique features

Dotz Dakar rims are known for their eye-catching design and excellent off-road performance. These robust rims are designed for high loads and have a special surface sealing that makes them both durable and resistant to the elements.

One of the most notable features of the Dotz Dakar rims is their unique dark color variation. The Dotz Dakar Dark version offers an appealing mix of functionality and aesthetics, giving the rims a noble and powerful appearance. They are available in a variety of sizes from 15 to 17 inches and a rim width of up to 8 inches, allowing them to fit a variety of off-road vehicles.

The Dotz Dakar rims are characterized by their unique construction and striking design. They feature a classic design that fits perfectly with many off-road vehicles. The rims are easy to clean, which is an advantage after extensive off-road tours.

High quality standard

The DOTZ Dakar rims are characterized by a high quality standard. These are specially designed for high loads and are protected by a special surface seal. They are mainly used in off-road areas because they are very stable and durable. They are available for tires from 15 to 17 inches and a rim width of up to 8 inches.

A man from Berlin who is an enthusiastic off-road driver confirms the high quality of the DOTZ Dakar rims. He could always rely on these rims when driving through terrain, mud, sand and gravel. Their robustness makes the rims perfect for off-road enthusiasts who prefer demanding driving conditions.

Another aspect that underlines the quality of the DOTZ Dakar rims is the attractive design. The rims are not only functional, but also visually appealing, so they fit perfectly with modern off-road vehicles. The Dakar bronze version, for example, offers a classic look that underlines the off-road character.

The DOTZ Dakar rims therefore meet all the requirements placed on a high-quality off-road rim. They are robust, stable and at the same time attractive in design. Investing in DOTZ Dakar rims is recommended for every off-road driver who places particular value on quality and performance.

Resilience and stress test

The Dotz Dakar rims are known for their resilience and durability in demanding off-road situations. These rims have been tested under extreme conditions to ensure they can withstand high levels of wear and tear. They are designed for both off-road use and everyday use.

When manufacturing the Dotz Dakar rims, particular emphasis is placed on robustness and stability. The materials and processing techniques are designed to handle heavy loads and demanding conditions. This means drivers can have confidence in the performance of these rims.

Another aspect of resilience is the ability to handle high load capacities. The Dotz Dakar rims are designed for high load capacities , making them an ideal choice for heavy vehicles and demanding driving conditions. Higher load capacities also mean greater safety and reliability when driving off-road.

During the development process, Dotz Dakar rims are subjected to various stress tests to ensure their durability and performance under real-world conditions. This process ensures that the rims remain stable at both high speeds and strong shocks and impacts.

Overall, the Dotz Dakar rims are known for their excellent resilience and durability, which make them an excellent choice for both off-road use and everyday traffic. High load capacities and extensive stress testing enable them to withstand the most extreme conditions and provide drivers with a safe and reliable driving experience.

Customization fans and off-roaders

Customization fans and off-roaders looking for a perfect rim for their off-road vehicle will consider the DOTZ Dakar rims. These rims are designed for off-road vehicles and offer both stability and classic lines. The rims are robust enough to meet the demands of off-road touring while still being aesthetically pleasing.

The DOTZ Dakar rims can be easily cleaned, which is often necessary after extensive off-road tours. They are robust and designed for high loads. DOTZ 4x4 rims are characterized by their original equipment quality and immediate availability. All of this contributes to DOTZ Dakar rims being an excellent choice for customization fans and off-roaders.

When customizing the DOTZ Dakar rims, different designs and sizes can be selected to meet individual needs and preferences. Some models are available in 16-inch sizes with different offsets, such as 7x16 ET33 6x139.7 and 7x16 ET36 5x114.3 .

Finally, it is important to emphasize that DOTZ Dakar rims offer an impressive mix of performance, style and adaptability. Their durable construction coupled with their classic, appealing design makes them the ideal choice for off-roaders and customization fans alike.

European aftermarket

The European aftermarket for rims is an important area in the automotive industry. There are numerous suppliers here who specialize in the production and distribution of high-quality rims. Dotz Dakar is a leading rim brand in this market, whose products are particularly popular with lovers of fine rims and customization fans.

Dotz 4x4 off-road rims are characterized by original equipment quality and high load capacities. As part of the ALCAR Group, Dotz is now an established brand in the European aftermarket. This manufacturer's rims are known for their quality as well as their eye-catching and unique design.

Different types of rims have developed in Europe to suit the needs of drivers and their individual vehicles. Dotz Dakar, for example, offers rims in different sizes to ensure an ideal fit for various automobiles.

The demand for high-quality rims has grown steadily in Europe. This has led to more and more manufacturers like Dotz entering the market to meet consumer needs. The European Union sets strict TÜV requirements for rims to ensure the safety and quality of the products.

In summary, the European aftermarket for rims exemplifies high quality standards and a variety of individual design options. As one of the leading brands in this sector, Dotz Dakar contributes significantly to customer satisfaction by providing high-quality, high-performance and aesthetically pleasing rims.

frequently asked Questions

What is the quality of Dotz Dakar rims?

Dotz Dakar rims are known for their high quality and robustness. They are specially developed for off-road use and offer good performance in the toughest conditions. The rims are TÜV certified, which confirms their quality and safety.

Are Dotz Dakar rims suitable for the T5?

Dotz Dakar rims can be used on various vehicle models. To ensure they are suitable for the T5, customers should visit Dotz Off-Road Wheels and check their vehicle details or consult their dealer.

Can I use Dotz Dakar rims on a Ford Ranger?

Yes, Dotz Dakar rims can be used on a Ford Ranger. However, it is important to choose the correct size and specifications to ensure a perfect fit. Customers should visit the Dotz website to find the right rim for their vehicle.

Are there Dotz Dakar rims in bronze?

Dotz Dakar rims are currently available in black and silver. Although there are no bronze rims on offer, the available colors can provide an attractive look on your off-road vehicle depending on your taste and vehicle color.

Can I find Dotz Dakar rims in 6x139.7 size?

The 6x139.7 size is a common size on many off-road vehicles, including some Ford Ranger models. To find out whether Dotz Dakar rims are available in this size, customers should visit the Dotz website and use the 3D configurator to choose the right size for their vehicle.

Where are Dotz rims made?

Dotz rims are manufactured by the Austrian company Alcar, which is known for its high quality rims and wheels. They manufacture both aluminum rims and steel rims and offer a wide range of designs to suit different vehicle types and applications.