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VW Crafter alloy wheels: selection and purchase recommendations for your van

Alufelgen VW Crafter: Auswahl und Kaufempfehlungen für Ihren Transporter

Artur Hoffmann |

The Volkswagen Crafter models are known for their efficiency and versatility in the commercial vehicle and motorhome sectors.

One way to make these vehicles even more powerful and aesthetically pleasing is to use aluminum rims.

Aluminum rims offer a variety of advantages over traditional steel rims, such as improved driving performance, higher load capacity and a more attractive appearance.

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There are various suppliers of alloy wheels for the VW Crafter, where buyers can choose from a variety of designs and sizes.

Reliable dealers such as and offer ready-to-install rims and complete wheels that have been specially developed for the VW Crafter.

Some providers even offer a 3D configurator so you can virtually see the wheels on the vehicle before purchasing and ensure that they fit perfectly with its appearance.

Basics of aluminum rims for the VW Crafter

A VW Crafter with aluminum wheels, showing the fundamental design and structure of the wheels

The Volkswagen Crafter is a versatile van that is ideal for use in various areas.

To improve the appearance and driving characteristics of this vehicle, aluminum rims can be used.

Some basic aspects of alloy wheels for the VW Crafter are discussed below.

Selecting the right aluminum rims is crucial for the performance and appearance of the Crafter.

There are different sizes of aluminum rims available for the VW Crafter. For example, a common size is 18 inches .

It is important to choose the right size of rims for the vehicle to ensure optimal handling and an attractive appearance.

Some advantages of aluminum rims for the VW Crafter are:

  • Lighter rims that can help improve fuel efficiency
  • Improved heat dissipation, which can increase brake life
  • Visual enhancement of the vehicle
  • Increased driving stability and better grip on the road

When choosing the right aluminum rims, you should also pay attention to the material.

Aluminum alloys are typically lighter than steel, which can improve vehicle performance. However, they are also more susceptible to corrosion, so care should be taken to provide an appropriate protective coating.

Another aspect that should be taken into account when selecting aluminum rims is compatibility with the existing braking and suspension systems.

Some providers offer complete wheels that are specifically designed for the VW Crafter and allow for easy assembly.

Model compatibility of aluminum rims

When buying aluminum rims for the VW Crafter, model compatibility is an important aspect.

There are different Crafter models, each with different requirements for rims and tires.

Some factors to consider when choosing the right alloy wheels include the tire and rim size, bolt circle, offset (ET) , screws and center hole.

A helpful chart can be found online to determine the correct sizes for your specific Crafter model.

For an attractive look and a safe ride, it is essential to choose alloy wheels that are designed for your Volkswagen Crafter.

Suppliers such as and felgenladen24 offer a wide range of aluminum rims in different sizes and designs that are specifically suitable for the VW Crafter.

Some aluminum rim manufacturers offer a 3D configurator that allows you to virtually try out the rims on your vehicle model.

This will help you find the ideal design for your Volkswagen Crafter quickly and easily.

When purchasing alloy wheels, make sure they are of high quality and meet the requirements of your Crafter model.

To ensure proper assembly and stability, it is recommended to purchase complete wheels.

These consist of matching aluminum rims and tires that are suitable for your Volkswagen Crafter model.

Purchasing complete wheels ensures an optimal fit and saves you the hassle of installing separate aluminum rims and tires.

Design variants of VW Crafter aluminum rims

RID Wheels

RID Wheels offers a first-class selection of aluminum rims for the VW Crafter.

They are characterized by their high-quality material and excellent workmanship. The rims are available in different sizes, some of which can be found at .

The RID Wheels alloy wheels for the VW Crafter offer both a sporty and elegant look and are an ideal choice for anyone looking to upgrade their VW Crafter.

DIRT AT Wheels

The DIRT AT Wheels are another attractive option for VW Crafter owners looking for high quality alloy wheels.

These rims are specifically designed for off-road use and offer excellent performance even in difficult conditions.

DIRT AT Wheels are available at and are available in different sizes, such as 19 inch or 20 inch rims.

Color options

VW Crafter alloy wheels are available in a variety of colors to suit the individual tastes of each vehicle owner.

Popular color options include:

  • Silver
  • Black
  • anthracite
  • chrome
  • Bronze

Choosing the right color depends on your personal style and the look you want.

Some aluminum rim suppliers, such as , even offer a 3D configurator that allows you to try out the rim color on the vehicle model before purchasing it.

Spoke designs

In addition to colors, VW Crafter aluminum rims also offer a variety of spoke designs. Here is a quick list of some common designs:

  • Multi-spoke design: This classic and timeless design offers an elegant appearance and even weight distribution.
  • Y-Design: This sporty design is characterized by its Y-shaped spokes and gives the vehicle a dynamic look.
  • Turbine Design: This innovative design utilizes the shape of turbine blades for an eye-catching look on the road.

Material and workmanship

The aluminum rims for the VW Crafter are mainly made of aluminum, a light yet durable material.

Manufacturers pay attention to precision when selecting and processing the aluminum to ensure optimal quality and accuracy of fit.

A good example of this is the 18" ORC Type 44 rim , which is made of aluminum and is suitable for the VW Crafter.

Most alloy wheels for the VW Crafter are constructed in one piece . The entire rim design is cast from a single piece of aluminum to achieve high stability.

Another important property of the rims is their winter resistance . Aluminum rims are generally winter-proof, meaning they can withstand temperature changes and the use of road salt.

When choosing aluminum rims for the VW Crafter, you should also pay attention to the technical data.

  • Width : The width of the rim influences driving stability and handling. In general, a wider rim offers more grip on the road.

  • Diameter : The diameter of the rim determines the size of the tires that can be mounted on the rim.

  • A larger rim allows the use of larger tires with more grip and driving comfort.

  • Offset (ET) : The offset describes the distance between the center of the rim and the contact surface of the rim on the vehicle.

  • A larger ET means that the rim extends further into the wheel arch.

  • Number of holes and bolt circle : This information indicates how many mounting holes the rim has and in what arrangement they are arranged.

  • They must match your vehicle's specifications to ensure correct installation.

  • Maximum wheel load : This value indicates how much weight the rim can carry.

  • It is important that the wheel load of the rim meets the requirements of your vehicle.

Possible tire options include the Continental VanContact Camper 255/55R18C 120R , which provides excellent driving characteristics thanks to its 255 mm width and 55% cross-section.

If you are looking for suitable aluminum rims for your VW Crafter, you can use the vehicle configurator from Felgenladen24 , for example, to find a large selection of options that suit your vehicle both technically and visually.

Dimensions and specifications

The VW Crafter is a popular commercial vehicle that meets many different needs for private and business drivers. An important component of the vehicle are the aluminum rims.

This section explains the dimensions and specifications of the alloy wheels for the VW Crafter, including rim size, offset and bolt circle .

Rim size

The rim size of the VW Crafter varies depending on the model and version. The sizes of aluminum rims are usually between 16 and 20 inches.

An example of a common rim size is 16 inches with tire dimensions 205/75 R16 or 235/65 R16.

However, it is important to consult the vehicle documents or manufacturer information about the permitted sizes to ensure that the selected alloy wheels are suitable for the VW Crafter.


The offset (ET) refers to the distance between the center of the rim and the contact surface of the rim on the chassis. It is given in millimeters.

The offset for the VW Crafter varies between different models and rim sizes.

It is important to select the correct offset for the respective vehicle and the selected rim size to ensure that the aluminum rims fit appropriately and optimal driving comfort is guaranteed. You can also find the offset information in the vehicle documents or in the manufacturer's information .

bolt circle

The bolt circle is another important criterion when selecting aluminum rims for the VW Crafter.

It refers to the diameter of the circle that passes through the centers of the rim mounting holes.

The bolt circle for the VW Crafter is usually 6x130, which means that the rim has six mounting holes and the diameter of the bolt circle is 130 millimeters.

It is crucial to use the correct bolt circle details for the vehicle in question as well as the aluminum rims selected to ensure safe and proper rim installation.

Assembly and installation

When buying aluminum rims for the VW Crafter, it is important to choose the correct rim sizes, bolt circle and offset .

Once you have selected the appropriate rims and tires, assembly and installation is a simple process.

First, you should make sure that the vehicle is parked on a level surface and that the handbrake is on.

Then remove the old wheels and rims if they are still mounted.

Now it's time to install the aluminum rims .

Make sure the rim sits correctly on the hub and there are no gaps between the rim and the brake disc.

Correct alignment of the rim on the wheel hub is crucial as this affects both the life of your tires and the driving performance of your VW Crafter.

It is important to use the correct screws to attach the rims as they are specific to the vehicle model and rim.

The screws should be tightened opposite each other and in the correct order to ensure even tension on the rim.

You can find the torque specifications for the fastening screws of your rims in your VW Crafter manual or from your dealer.

It is important to use the correct torque to avoid damage to the rims, wheel hub or bolts.

After assembly and installation, you should take the vehicle to a specialist workshop to check the balancing.

Balancing ensures that the tires are worn evenly and the road holding is optimal.

Finally, you should check your aluminum rims regularly to ensure that they are mounted correctly and have no damage.

Make sure the tires have enough pressure and are worn evenly.

It is advisable to check the screws again after a certain mileage and tighten them if necessary.

A well-maintained and maintained wheel system ensures an optimal driving experience and maximum safety.

Maintenance and care of aluminum rims

Aluminum rims give vehicles like the VW Crafter an attractive look and contribute to optimal driving performance.

To maintain the longevity and shine of your alloy wheels, it is important to clean and maintain them regularly.

In this section you will find some useful tips to help you keep your alloy wheels in top condition.

Regular cleaning:

Frequent and thorough cleaning of the aluminum rims is essential to counteract stubborn dirt, brake dust and other deposits.

It is recommended to clean your rims every four to six weeks to maintain their shine and appearance in the long term.

Suitable cleaning agents:

When cleaning the aluminum rims, you should avoid using abrasive or scratching cleaning agents to avoid scratches or damage.

Instead, experts recommend using special wheel cleaners that are gentle and gentle on materials.

Regular Inspection:

It is advisable to regularly check your aluminum rims for damage such as scratches, dents or cracks.

Early detection and repair of the rims can prevent expensive consequential damage and extend the life of your rims.

Maintenance work:

Stick to the recommended maintenance intervals for your VW Crafter and have the aluminum rims checked by a specialist as part of the inspection .

This ensures the safety and durability of your rims.

Performance and driving behavior

The VW Crafter is known for its reliability and versatility. The aluminum rims contribute significantly to improving the performance and handling of the vehicle.

Weight reduction

Aluminum rims are lighter compared to traditional steel rims.

This weight reduction results in improved acceleration, faster braking and increased fuel efficiency.

Modern aluminum rims also offer better heat dissipation, which keeps the brakes cooler and extends their lifespan.

Aesthetics and design

One of the most noticeable improvements when using aluminum rims for the VW Crafter is the appearance.

With their shiny surface and variable designs, they give the vehicle an attractive and modern appearance.

You can choose from a variety of wheel designs and sizes to customize your vehicle.

Driving dynamics

One of the key features of alloy wheels is their ability to improve the handling of the VW Crafter.

Because they are lighter, the unsprung weight is reduced, resulting in the vehicle reacting better to uneven road surfaces.

Many drivers perceive this improvement in driving dynamics as a noticeable difference in driving comfort.

Accessories for aluminum rims

Rim locks

Rim locks are an important part of ensuring the security of your aluminum rims for the VW Crafter.

They provide additional protection against theft by making it more difficult to remove the rims without the appropriate key.

There are different types of rim locks, which usually consist of a special screw or nut and a matching key.

Some advantages of rim locks are:

  • Additional protection against wheel theft
  • Easy installation and handling
  • Compatible with most alloy wheels

It is important to choose rim locks that are suitable for your specific VW Crafter as well as the aluminum rims you choose.

Centering rings

Centering rings are another useful accessory that ensures that your aluminum rims are properly mounted on the VW Crafter wheel hubs.

They serve to ensure the central position of the rim on the hub and to reduce possible vibrations or imbalances while driving.

Some advantages of centering rings are:

  • Optimal fit of the rims on the wheel hub
  • Reduction of vibrations and imbalances
  • Increased safety and driving comfort

Legal aspects and approval

When selecting aluminum rims for the VW Crafter, it is important to consider the legal aspects and approval regulations.

In order to use approved rims for your vehicle, you must comply with legal regulations.

Two important aspects are the TÜV inspection and the registration of the rims as well as the possible penalties for using non-approved rims 1 .

The TÜV acceptance is a technical inspection that confirms that the rims meet the legal requirements.

During the TÜV inspection, the rims are checked for safety, strength and fit 1 .

The entry of the rims in the vehicle documents is necessary to prove that the rims are approved for the vehicle 1 .

It is important to carry out both the TÜV inspection and the rim registration.

There are different rim sizes for the VW Crafter, usually ranging from 17 to 20 inches 2 .

When selecting the rims, you should also pay attention to the bolt circle, the center hole and the offset 3 .

Some companies offer ready-to-install rims and complete wheels for the VW Crafter that have been developed specifically for your vehicle type 4 .

Regardless of the rim size, it is crucial that the aluminum rims meet the legal requirements and are approved for your VW Crafter.

Use only approved rims to avoid possible penalties, accidents or damage to the vehicle.


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Manufacturers and brands

There are a variety of manufacturers and brands that offer aluminum rims for the Volkswagen Crafter.

Some of the most well-known and trusted brands are:

  2. Felgenladen24
  3. Kunzmann

These dealers offer a wide range of alloy wheels in different sizes, designs and price ranges.

It is important to consider quality and fit when purchasing alloy wheels to ensure optimal performance and safety.

Some of the most popular alloy wheel sizes for the VW Crafter are 19 inches and 20 inches.

These rim sizes are available from Felgenladen24 as well as from other providers.

However, it is advisable to check the recommended rim sizes and specifications for the specific vehicle model before purchasing.

As a rule, aluminum rims are also available for different types of tires such as summer tires, winter tires or all-season tires.

For example , offers fully assembled and balanced complete wheels so that customers can complete the service in one easy step.

It is important to choose high-quality rims from reputable manufacturers and brands to ensure long life and flawless performance.

When selecting aluminum rims for your VW Crafter, pay attention to a balanced combination of aesthetics, performance and price.

frequently asked Questions

Which tire sizes are approved for the VW Crafter?

Different tire sizes are permitted for the VW Crafter, depending on the model and year of manufacture.

It is important to find the right tire sizes for your vehicle to ensure driving comfort and safety.

You can find a detailed list of tire sizes and rim sizes on .

What advantages and disadvantages do aluminum rims have compared to steel rims?

Compared to steel rims, aluminum rims offer several advantages.

Alloy wheels are lighter, resulting in better acceleration and handling. They also have better heat dissipation, which protects the brakes.

However, aluminum rims can also be more expensive to purchase and are more susceptible to damage due to their lower weight.

How do aluminum rims affect the driving characteristics of the VW Crafter?

Aluminum rims can have a positive effect on the driving behavior of your VW Crafter.

The lower weight of the aluminum rims reduces the unsprung mass, resulting in better road holding, less suspension shock and improved steering precision.

In addition, the attractive design of aluminum rims gives your vehicle a more elegant appearance.

Are original VW Crafter alloy wheels better than aftermarket products?

Original VW Crafter aluminum rims are specially developed and tested for your vehicle, which guarantees high quality and a perfect fit.

While aftermarket products can be cheaper, they are not always tailored to your crafter's specific needs, which can lead to problems.

It is advisable to find out more about the quality and fit of the rims before purchasing.

What should you pay attention to when installing aluminum rims on a VW Crafter?

When fitting alloy wheels to a VW Crafter, you should ensure that the wheels and tires meet the correct specifications for your vehicle.

Pay attention to aspects such as the bolt circle, the offset, the screws and the center hole.

In addition, it is advisable to adhere to the tightening torques for the screws according to the manufacturer's instructions to ensure secure fastening of the rims.

Can VW Crafter alloy wheels affect fuel efficiency?

Alloy wheels can affect the fuel efficiency of your VW Crafter as they reduce the unsprung mass.

A lower unsprung mass leads to better road holding and driving stability, which can have a positive effect on fuel consumption.

However, the actual improvement in fuel efficiency depends on many factors, such as driving behavior and the state of maintenance of the vehicle.