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VW T5 off-road rims: The best options for off-road drivers

VW T5 Offroad Felgen: Die besten Optionen für Geländefahrer

Artur Hoffmann |

The Volkswagen T5 off-road rims are an excellent addition for anyone who wants to optimize their vehicle for off-road use. By using these specially developed rims, the VW T5 can handle challenging terrain better than would be possible with standard rims. These high quality rims offer both an attractive design and outstanding performance in extreme conditions.

Some suppliers offer T5 off-road rims for sale that fit both original tire sizes and larger all-terrain profiles. These rims have been specially developed for use on VW T5, T6 and T6.1 vans. The off-road package for VW T5 and T6 all-terrain rims includes, for example, Koni coilovers for a lift and improved off-road mobility.

There are also various brands and models of off-road rims that fit a wide range of vehicles, including RID Wheels . These rims can be combined with tires from BF Goodrich, Yokohama, Cooper Tire and Mickey Thompson, among others, to achieve the best possible off-road performance.

VW T5 off-road rim basics

Volkswagen T5 is a versatile vehicle known for its robustness and off-road capability. Off-road rims are an important aspect of improving the performance and appearance of the vehicle off-road. This section presents some basic information about off-road rims for the VW T5.

Off-road rims for the VW T5 are available in different sizes, materials and designs. A common dimension for these rims is 8x17 inches. This rim size was developed specifically for the younger generations of the VW bus, including the T5 and T6.

An important aspect of off-road rims is the load capacity. Rims with a high load capacity of 1,000 kilograms are recommended for the VW T5. A high load capacity ensures good resistance and longevity of the rims.

Another feature of off-road rims for the VW T5 is the replaceable, screwable collision protection ring. This ring provides additional protection for the rims and helps increase the life of the rims. Such an off-road rim can be purchased as part of an all-round carefree package, which also includes Koni threaded lift kits.

Off-road rims can be both functional and aesthetically pleasing. The rustic and powerful look of the rims gives the VW T5 an extra level of appeal while improving the vehicle's performance and off-road capability.

Overall, off-road rims are worth an investment if you want to improve the off-road capability and appearance of the VW T5. It is important to choose the right size, design and load capacity for the vehicle to achieve optimal results. is known for its high-quality rims and offers, among other things, excellent 20-inch rims from RID Wheels . These rims are characterized by their attractive design and outstanding quality, which give your vehicle a special look.

RID Wheels are not only visually appealing, but also offer high stability and reliability for a wide range of applications. They are suitable for both city traffic and use on unpaved roads and therefore offer a good solution for anyone looking for durable and high-quality rims.

In addition to the attractive design, RID Wheels also offer a high level of functionality and performance. These rims are specially developed and manufactured to reliably support your vehicle in different road conditions.

Overall, RID Wheels and offer an excellent option for anyone who wants to offer their vehicle a special look and high performance. With RID Wheels you not only get a high-quality rim, but also a piece of safety and durability.

RID off-road rims for VW T5

RID Wheels is known for their high-quality off-road rims , which are ideal for use on off-road vehicles and pickup trucks. When looking for suitable off-road rims for the VW T5, the RID R05 Matte Dark Bronze 9x20 ET20 5x120 is an interesting option.

The RID R05 Matte Dark Bronze rims are available in size 9x20 ET20 5x120 and offer many advantages both visually and technically. The rims are in an attractive matt dark bronze color and underline the robust off-road character of the VW T5.

Made from high quality aluminum, these rims stand for durability and stability, even under extreme conditions. In addition, the use of RID off-road rims offers improved driving and suspension performance, ideal for use off asphalt roads.

It should be noted that it is important to choose the right tires for these rims to ensure optimal performance and safety. Tires from renowned manufacturers such as BF Goodrich, Yokohama or Cooper Tire are recommended.

In summary, the RID off-road rims for the VW T5 are an excellent choice for optimizing the performance and appearance of the vehicle off-road.

Rim properties

Design and aesthetics

The VW T5 off-road rims are characterized by their unique and attractive design. They are available in different colors such as black, matt black, polished, red, gold, gray or white. The exclusive designs of the rims underline the robustness and adventurous spirit of an off-road vehicle.

Some of the popular off-road rims for VW T5 are 8x17 inch dimensions that were specially developed for the younger generations of the VW bus, such as the T5 and the T6 including its latest version T6.1. These rims not only offer an outstanding appearance, but also high functionality and performance off-road.

Rim quality and durability

The quality and durability of the VW T5 off-road rims are of great importance. They are made of high quality materials to ensure good resistance to the harsh conditions of off-road use. The extremely high load capacity of 1,000 kilograms contributes to the durability and longevity of the rims.

Off-road rims are special aluminum rims that are robust and insensitive. They are perfectly equipped for the demands away from the asphalt and can withstand the tensions and strains that come with off-road driving, caravanning and wild camping. It is important that the rims have an ABE (general operating permit) so that they meet the legal requirements.

The combination of attractive design, high quality and durability makes the VW T5 off-road rims an excellent choice for anyone looking to upgrade their vehicle for off-road driving and adventure. The various color options allow vehicles to be individually designed and adapted to personal preferences without having to forego performance and robustness.

Rim and tire sizes

When selecting off-road rims for the VW T5, it is important to pay attention to the correct rim and tire sizes. The most common dimensions for all-terrain rims are 7.00, 8.00, 8.50 and 9.50. This information refers to the rim width in inches. The wider the rim, the better the traction on uneven and slippery surfaces.

Some off-road rims, such as the HS Motorsport off-road rim for the VW T5 and T6, have a dimension of 8x17 inches. This rim has a high load capacity of 1,000 kilograms and is suitable for use on difficult terrain.

Various factors play a role in tire size. The most common tire sizes for all-terrain rims on the VW T5 are 235/65/17 and 225/65/17. These sizes refer to the tire width, aspect ratio and rim diameter. However, the exact tire size may depend on the rim width you choose. It is therefore advisable to pay attention to the parts certificate before purchasing rims and tires to ensure that the selected tires are approved for the vehicle.

Overall, it is crucial to select the appropriate wheel and tire sizes for the VW T5 to ensure optimal off-road performance and driving comfort. It is important to consider both the rim and tire size and ensure that the parts you choose are approved for the vehicle.

Rim brands

RID Wheels is one of the most renowned brands when it comes to high-quality rims for the VW T5 Offroad. The premium 20-inch rims from RID Wheels not only offer an expressive design, but also excellent quality that gives your vehicle that special touch.

In addition to RID rims, dirt rims and dirt wheels are also other options for off-road enthusiasts. These rims offer a more robust construction and are designed to withstand the harshest conditions. They are ideal for drivers who want to drive their VW T5 off paved roads.

Off-road rims, whether from RID, Dirt or other brands, must meet some basic requirements. They should have a good weight-to-load ratio to withstand the additional stresses of off-road driving while offering an attractive design that enhances the character of the vehicle.

When choosing the right rims for your VW T5 Offroad, it is important to pay attention to quality and material. In addition to an attractive look, high-quality aluminum rims also offer lower weight and better heat dissipation than steel rims. This can be an advantage on longer off-road journeys.

In summary, RID Wheels, RID Rims, Dirt Rims and Dirt Wheels are top-notch options for drivers looking to upgrade their VW T5 off-road. Not only do they offer excellent performance and durability, but they also have an attractive design that enhances the character of your vehicle. It's worth investing in high-quality rims to maximize off-road driving pleasure while ensuring the safety and performance of your vehicle.

Adaptation to various VW models

The Volkswagen T5 off-road rims are specially developed for the younger generations of the VW bus, including the T5, T6 and T6.1 models. These rims offer an excellent weight-to-load ratio and are compatible with various models such as Multivan, Transporter and Caravelle.

The off-road rims are available in the size 8x17 inches and offer a high load capacity of 1,000 kilograms, which is ideal for use on rough terrain. They can be combined with different types of tires to improve the off-road driving experience.

The T5 off-road rims can be used for the VW Syncro model to further improve the vehicle on uneven and difficult terrain. The rims are ideal for driving on unpaved roads and ensure better driving stability.

Another advantage of the T5 off-road rims for vans and Caravelle models is their easy installation. Installing the rims does not require any special knowledge or tools and can be done by most vehicle owners themselves. The rims are compatible with common tire sizes, so they can be easily adapted to the needs of the vehicle.

The T5 off-road rims adapt well to the various Volkswagen models and offer an excellent alternative for drivers looking for a robust and durable rim for off-road use. The rims not only increase the performance of the vehicle on unpaved roads, but also look visually appealing and fit well into the design of the various VW models.

Comparison with other vehicle brands

Compared to other vehicle brands such as Mercedes Vito and Viano 4 Matic, the VW T5 off-road rims offer several advantages. For example, the rim was developed specifically for the VW T5 and T6 and has an extremely high load capacity of 1,000 kilograms. The rustic and powerfully designed rim has dimensions of 8×17 inches, which are perfect for off-road use.

The Mercedes Vito and Viano 4 Matic are also well-known models that are suitable for off-road use. However, in some cases, special adjustments have to be made to the vehicles to enable lifting or the use of off-road tires. In contrast, the VW T5 off-road rims are compatible without any further adjustments and offer an excellent weight-to-load ratio.

When it comes to technical equipment such as navigation systems, both the VW T5 and the Mercedes Vito and Viano 4 Matic are able to integrate the most modern systems. They offer high-quality audio and multimedia features that, among other things, enable intuitive navigation even off paved roads. Both brands are therefore well equipped to master off-road adventures.

  • VW T5 off-road rims : Specially developed for the VW T5 and T6, high load capacity, compatible without further adjustments, good for off-road use
  • Mercedes Vito and Viano 4 Matic : Well-known models, adaptations for off-road use, state-of-the-art navigation systems

Although a direct comparison between the VW T5 off-road rims and similar rims from other vehicle brands such as Mercedes Vito and Viano 4 Matic is difficult, the VW T5 rims offer considerable advantages due to their high load capacity and specialization for off-road use.

Rims for special off-road needs

Special off-road rims are available for vehicles such as the VW T5 and T6, which prepare the vehicle for demanding off-road conditions. The Allterrain rims were developed specifically for the VW T5, T6 and T6.1 and have an excellent weight-to-load ratio. They are available as an all-round, worry-free package that includes a replaceable, screwable collision protection ring and a strength of 1000 kg.

Complete wheels are another option for equipping the VW T5 for off-road use. Tires and rims are purchased as a unit, which enables quick and easy installation. Some of the common tire brands recommended for off-road use are BF Goodrich and Yokohama , as they are known for their outstanding off-road capabilities.

In addition to choosing the right rims and tires, it is important to adapt the vehicle accordingly to optimize the height and suspension for off-road use. Eibach lift springs offer a good solution to improve the off-road mobility of the vehicle.

Safety is the top priority when choosing off-road components. It is therefore important that all parts, such as rims, tires and lifting systems, meet the requirements of the vehicle and the given conditions. When investing in off-road equipment, you should always choose reputable brands and high-quality products to ensure optimal performance and safety off-road.

Unique pieces and special editions

Volkswagen T5 off-road rims are available in various unique pieces and special editions that give your vehicles a special touch. One such special edition is the RID Wheels , which are available in different sizes and colors. RID rims stand for quality and robustness and have been specially developed for off-road use.

Another example of a special edition is the TR-Exclusive series, which is characterized by unique designs and high quality. They offer excellent performance for both off-road use and everyday use. These rims are usually available on the ZRShop and offer a wide selection of different designs to individualize the vehicle.

The use of unique and special edition off-road rims on the VW T5 shows that there are many ways to adapt the off-road vehicle to the driver's personal tastes and requirements. It is important to ensure that the rims are the correct size and load capacity for the vehicle to ensure optimal performance and safety.

frequently asked Questions

Which rim size is best for VW T5 Offroad?

The 8x17 inch rims are specially designed for the younger generations of the VW bus, including T5 and T6, and are particularly suitable for off-road driving.

Can off-road tires be used on the VW T5 without a lift kit?

For certain off-road situations, it may be possible to use off-road tires on the VW T5 without lifting the vehicle. However, it is recommended to install a lift kit to improve handling and ground clearance off-road.

Are original VW T5 rims suitable for off-road use?

Original VW T5 rims could be used for light off-road driving, but may not be able to handle the high load capacity and other characteristics of dedicated off-road rims. For more intensive off-road driving, it is recommended to use special off-road rims.

Which ET is permitted for the VW T5?

The permissible offset (ET) for the VW T5 depends on the selected rim and tire size. In general, the permissible ET values ​​for the VW T5 can be found in the operating instructions or on a vehicle sticker.

Which tire size is suitable for the T5 Transporter?

Different tire sizes are available for the T5 Transporter, depending on the model, payload and individual requirements. Popular tire sizes for the T5 Transporter are 195/70 R15, 205/65 R16 and 215/60 R17.

Which rims fit on a VW T5/T6?

Rims that fit a VW T5/T6 should have the correct bolt circle, load capacity and offset. The bolt circle for VW T5/T6 vehicles is generally 5x120.

Bolt circles from VW T5/T6

The bolt circles for VW T5/T6 vehicles are usually 5x120. This means that the rims should have five mounting holes 120mm apart. When selecting rims, care should be taken to ensure that they have the correct bolt pattern to ensure a correct fit and secure attachment.