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Dodge Ram off-road rims: Top selection for off-road drivers

Dodge Ram Offroad Felgen: Top Auswahl für Geländefahrer

Artur Hoffmann |

Dodge Ram off-road rims: Top selection for off-road drivers

The Dodge Ram is an impressive vehicle with tremendous off-road capability. One of the most important aspects of further improving the off-road performance of this vehicle is selecting the right rims. Off-road wheels for the Dodge Ram are specifically designed to optimize the performance and appearance of this iconic pickup truck.

There are a variety of manufacturers and models of off-road wheels for the Dodge Ram. Some of the well-known manufacturers are Fuel, Tuff and Crusher. When choosing the right rims, size plays a crucial role, such as TUFF T01 in 9x18 inches . Tuning offset is also an important factor to ensure the best possible performance and stability off-road.

Aside from the performance aspects, there are also a variety of designs available to customize the Dodge Ram's appearance depending on personal taste. Choosing the right off-road rims for the Dodge Ram combines both functional and aesthetic aspects and thus increases off-road driving pleasure.

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Design and aesthetics of the rims

Historical development of rim design

Over the years, the rim design of Dodge Ram off-road rims has evolved significantly. Originally, off-road rims were designed to be simple and functional, but over time they became more and more attractive and aesthetically sophisticated. Some common designs you can find today include: matte black , bronze, chrome and gloss black milled.

Innovative materials in rim design

The use of innovative materials has helped improve the weight and strength of off-road rims for the Dodge Ram 1500. Lighter rims contribute to better driving performance and reduced fuel consumption. Some of these materials include:

  • Aluminum : Aluminum rims are lighter than traditional steel rims and offer better heat dissipation.
  • Magnesium : Magnesium rims are lighter than aluminum rims, but have better strength and rigidity.

Rim design trends 2024

If we look at rim design trends for 2024, it can be expected that the off-road rim industry will continue to rely on attractive design and innovative materials. One trend that is emerging is the combination of classic designs with modern elements. These include, for example, machined surfaces that give the rims a unique and futuristic look, or new 22-inch rims with high strength and an attractive design for the Dodge Ram 1500 from 2019.

Other trends include:

  • Color accents : The use of colored accents in rim designs is becoming more and more common to enhance the look of the rims and make them even more individual.
  • Forged Rims : Forged rims offer greater strength and better performance than traditional cast rims. They are expected to continue to grow in popularity.

It's clear that Dodge Ram off-road wheel design will continue to be exciting and innovative for years to come, and we can expect future developments in wheel design to continue to advance both technology and aesthetics.

Model-specific rim options

Dodge Ram 1500 rims

The Dodge Ram 1500 is a popular vehicle for off-road enthusiasts, and the selection of off-road wheels is impressive. Some of the most well-known manufacturers of off-road rims for the Ram 1500 are Delta 4x4 and Crusher . Delta 4x4 offers rim designs in 17 and 18 inches up to the Lander in 20 and 22 inches. Crusher offers 20-inch off-road rims with TÜV parts approval for the Ram 1500 built between 2002 and 2018.

Rim designs for the Ram 1500:

  • Delta 4x4: 17, 18, 20 and 22 inches
  • Crusher: 20 inches

Dodge Ram 2500 rims

The Ram 2500 is a more rugged model and requires specific rims to maximize its performance and durability. Although it's more difficult to find off-road wheels for the Ram 2500 than the Ram 1500, manufacturers like Rough Country and Lonestar offer a selection of off-road-ready wheels for this model. These rims can be available in different sizes and designs, from 19 to 22 inches.

Rim designs for the Ram 2500:

  • Rough Country: 19, 20, 21 and 22 inches
  • Lonestar: 20 and 22 inches

Dodge Ram 3500 rims

The Dodge Ram 3500 is the heaviest model in the Dodge Ram line, and the off-road rim requirements are even more demanding. However, this model is particularly popular with drivers of residential cabs or similar accessories due to its load capacity and performance. Companies like Delta 4x4 offer special off-road rims with load capacities of up to 1200 kg per wheel for the Dodge Ram 3500.

Rim designs for the Dodge Ram 3500:

  • Delta 4x4: 20 and 22 inches with load capacities of up to 1200 kg per wheel

The selection of off-road rims for the various Dodge Ram models is extensive, so there is something to suit every taste and need. Whether you drive a Ram 1500, 2500 or 3500, there are wheel options to suit the performance and style of each vehicle.

The selection of off-road wheel sizes

When deciding on off-road wheels for your Dodge Ram, it's important to find the right size for your needs. The size of the rims may vary depending on the tire used. There are different sizes such as 16 inch, 17 inch and 18 inch rims and even up to 22 inch off-road rims .

An important aspect when selecting the right off-road rims is the load capacity. This is particularly important for users of living cabins or similar accessories. Off-road rims for the Dodge Ram 1500 with load capacities of up to 1200 kg per wheel may be required and are unfortunately a rarity .

Here are some common off-road rim sizes and their applications:

  • 16 inches: This size offers a good balance between ride comfort and off-road performance. It is suitable for light to medium off-road driving.
  • 17 Inch: With a wider selection of tires for this off-road rim size, it is popular with many Dodge Ram owners. It offers a good mix of ride comfort and performance for moderate off-road use.
  • 18-inch: For more demanding off-road conditions and larger tires, this size offers better ground clearance and a wider selection of tire treads.
  • 20 inches and larger: These wheel sizes are for those looking for a particularly impressive look and are willing to trade off-road performance for aesthetic reasons.

There are also various brands such as TUFF AT and Fuel that offer off-road rims for the Dodge Ram. Make sure you choose a reliable and durable product and check the rims' TÜV certificates before choosing a size and brand.

RID Wheels rim collection

RID Wheels is a renowned off-road brand known for its high-quality and durable rims. The RID Wheels collection of rims is ideal for Dodge Ram vehicles and guarantees impressive performance both on and off-road.

The RID Wheels rims are characterized by their unique designs and high strength. They are available in a variety of sizes and colors so they can be tailored to each rider's individual needs. When installed on a Dodge Ram, these rims provide improved stability and control, even in demanding off-road conditions.

Optimal fit and performance is crucial for vehicle safety. Dodge Ram drivers interested in upgrading their wheels can consider high-quality wheels at to ensure their vehicles can perform at their best. In addition, centering rings in combination with the rims offer precise wheel positioning and improved driving characteristics.

It is important to choose the correct rim size for the respective vehicle model. RID Wheels offers customers a wide range of wheel sizes designed specifically for various Dodge Ram models to ensure optimal fit and attractive appearance.

Overall, the RID Wheels wheel collection is an excellent choice for Dodge Ram owners looking for a wheel solution that is suitable for both everyday use and demanding off-road adventures.

Dirt AT Wheels rim collection

Dirt AT Wheels is a renowned brand that specializes in producing high quality off-road rims for vehicles such as the Dodge Ram. The rims are known for their premium quality, durability and lightweight aluminum construction. ZR Shop offers an extensive selection of Dirt AT Wheels rims that are perfect for off-road vehicles.

The Dirt AT Wheels rim collection consists of different designs and sizes, making them suitable for different vehicle types and needs. These include, for example , 20-inch rims and other dimensions that meet specific customer requirements. With these rims, customers can be confident that they are receiving a reliable and durable product that meets their off-road needs.

In terms of materials, Dirt AT Wheels uses high quality aluminum to ensure an optimal balance between strength and weight. This not only results in improved performance, but also easier handling and control of the vehicle off-road. Another advantage of these rims is their resistance to corrosion and their attractive appearance, which ensures a long service life.

Examples of rim models available from Dirt AT Wheels include:

  1. Model D13: size 8x17, offset 40, bolt circle 6x130
  2. Model D06: size 10x20, offset -20, bolt circle 5x127/139.7
  3. Model D06: Size 9.5x22, offset 13, bolt circle 5x127/139.7

The selection of Dirt AT Wheels rims is diverse, ranging from classic five and six spoke designs to more aggressive and exotic designs for those who want a unique look. Customers can rest assured that with Dirt AT Wheels they will receive excellent performance and unmatched quality while their vehicle provides impressive off-road presence.

The importance of high performance rims

For Dodge Ram owners who regularly use their vehicle off-road, high-quality off-road rims are of great importance. Choosing the right rim can improve vehicle performance and handling while increasing safety.

Comparison of forged rims and aftermarket rims

Forged rims are considered to be the highest quality rims on the market. They are made from a single block of aluminum that is pressed into the desired shape under high pressure and heat. This creates a particularly stable and durable rim. Some advantages of forged rims are:

  • Lightweight : Forged wheels are lighter than traditional cast iron wheels, resulting in better vehicle handling and fuel efficiency.
  • Stability : Due to their manufacturing method, forged wheels have high strength and rigidity, which helps reduce vibration and chassis movement.
  • Durability : Thanks to their robustness, forged rims can better withstand the extreme conditions of off-road use.

Aftermarket off-road rims, on the other hand, offer a more cost-effective alternative to forged rims without necessarily having to sacrifice quality. These rims are offered by various manufacturers and often have special features that are specifically tailored to the needs of off-road vehicles. Some benefits of aftermarket off-road rims include:

  • Price : Compared to forged rims, aftermarket off-road rims are typically cheaper.
  • Availability : Aftermarket rims are available in many different designs and sizes, so there is something to suit every taste and every vehicle model.
  • Customization : Many suppliers of aftermarket off-road rims allow customization of the rims, for example with special paint finishes or decorations.

Off-road riders need to consider which type of rim is best for their needs. Ultimately, the quality of the rims plays a crucial role in the performance, safety and longevity of an off-road vehicle like the Dodge Ram.

Accessories and adjustments for off-road rims

Off-road wheels are an important component for anyone looking to adapt their Dodge Ram for off-road driving. Choosing the right rims and accessories make a significant contribution to the performance and safety of your vehicle. In this section we will focus on accessories that are useful for off-road rims.

Centering rings

One of the most important adjustments that should be made when installing off-road rims are centering rings . They ensure precise centering of the rim on the vehicle hub, which reduces vibrations and imbalances while driving.

There are different materials from which centering rings are made, such as plastic or aluminum. Some of the accessories and customization options for off-road rims are:

  • Tires : Choosing the right tires is critical to your vehicle's off-road performance and safety. A good option for the Dodge Ram 1500 is the BF Goodrich K02 315/70/17 tires .

  • Bolts and Nuts : Make sure you use the correct bolts and nuts to securely attach the rims to your vehicle. These should be specially developed for off-road applications and made from high-quality materials.

  • Hubcaps : Hubcaps are a useful accessory to protect the rim and wheel hub from mud, stones and other off-road influences. They also give your vehicle an aesthetically pleasing appearance.

  • Wheel Bolt Caps : Wheel bolt caps can be used to protect wheel bolts from corrosion and dirt, and to improve the appearance of your vehicle.

Overall, the right off-road wheel accessories are critical to the performance, safety and appearance of your Dodge Ram. Selecting and customizing your vehicle with appropriate accessories will help you get the most out of your off-road rims and ensure a pleasant driving experience.

Brand and line comparison

Ram Trucks vs Ford and Bronco

When comparing Ram Trucks and Ford off-road wheels, it is important to consider the vehicle model and line. Ram trucks are known for their high-quality wheels and off-road capabilities, while Ford and its Bronco model also offer a notable selection of off-road wheels.

Dodge Ram 1500 rims offer a wide range of styles including off-road rims and street tires. They are designed for both the off-road look and on-road use. The Ford Bronco line also has a variety of off-road wheels and tires available to suit your specific needs.

An important aspect to consider when selecting off-road rims are the possible improvements such as widening the wheel arches or raising the wheels. Both brands offer similar options in this regard, depending on the vehicle model and version.

It's worth noting that both manufacturers also have different models within their respective lineups. For example, Ram trucks include the Ram 1500, Ram 2500 and Ram 3500, each offering different off-road wheel options depending on trim and model year. The same goes for the Ford line, including the Broncos and other off-road capable models like the Ford F-150 Raptor.

Here is a quick summary of the differences between Ram trucks and Ford off-road wheels:

  • Rim styles : Ram 1500 offers both off-road rims and street tires, while Ford Bronco has dedicated off-road rims and tires.
  • Improvements : Both brands offer wheel arch extensions and lift kits in similar options depending on the vehicle model and version.
  • Lineup : Ram trucks include the Ram 1500, Ram 2500 and Ram 3500, while Ford offers several off-road capable models such as the Bronco and Ford F-150 Raptor.

Overall, Ram Trucks and Ford Bronco off-road wheels are two notable options for off-road enthusiasts. Choosing between the two depends primarily on your vehicle choice and the specific requirements you have for your off-road rims.

Market leader for off-road rims

In the world of off-road vehicles, rims for the Dodge Ram 1500 are becoming increasingly popular. Choosing the right rims is crucial to getting the best performance and off-road driving experience. In this section we take a look at the market leaders in off-road rims for this impressive truck.

The best-selling off-road rim for the Dodge Ram 1500 is the TUFF T01 in 9x18 inches. Thanks to their moderate 25mm offset, the standard tires of the Wildtrak model can continue to be used without switching to new AT or MT tires.

In the large off-road rim category there are the 22 inch Dodge Ram 1500 alloy wheels from brands like Tuff and Delta Lander . These rims are specifically designed for pickups and SUVs and offer extreme strength and durability to meet the challenges of off-roading.

Another notable off-road rim offering is the Crusher off-road rim . It has a TÜV parts certificate, which makes approval at testing centers such as TÜV, Dekra and others easier. These rims were specifically designed for Dodge Ram 1500 trucks from 1994 to 2018.

An overview of the market leaders for off-road rims:

  • TUFF : Known for their T01 rim in 9x18 inches and extreme durability
  • Delta Lander : Large 22-inch Dodge Ram 1500 alloy wheels, ideal for off-road adventures
  • Crusher : off-road rims with TÜV parts certificate, suitable for Dodge Ram 1500 (1994-2018)

All of these off-road wheels provide Dodge Ram 1500 owners with excellent performance and an impressive off-road appearance. The most important thing is to choose the right rim for your individual riding style and needs.

frequently asked Questions

Bolt circle types Dodge RAM

There are different types of bolt circles for the Dodge RAM, depending on the model year and generation of the vehicle. When selecting off-road rims, it is important to find the correct bolt pattern type to ensure compatibility with the vehicle.

What size rims are best for a Dodge RAM 1500?

The appropriate rim size for the Dodge RAM 1500 depends on your preferences and needs. A common size for off-road rims is 20 inches , but there are also options in other sizes such as 17 inches or 18 inches. The decision depends on your driving style, budget and desired performance characteristics.

Which original rims are available for the Dodge RAM?

Dodge RAM offers various original rims designed specifically for their vehicles. It is important to contact the vehicle manufacturer or an authorized Dodge representative for information about original wheels and their availability.

How do off-road rims differ from standard rims on the Dodge RAM?

Off-road rims are specifically designed to improve the Dodge RAM's off-road performance and handling. These rims typically offer greater stability and greater durability than standard rims to meet the higher loads and challenges of off-road use.

Can you use rims from previous generations on the Dodge RAM 1500?

It is possible that rims from previous generations of Dodge RAM 1500 are compatible with current models. However, it depends on the specific rim and vehicle specifications. If in doubt, contact a Dodge expert or authorized representative to ensure compatibility.

What do you have to pay attention to when buying used rims for the Dodge RAM?

When purchasing used rims for the Dodge RAM, it is important to pay attention to the overall condition of the rim, as well as any signs of wear, cracks or other damage. It is also important to ensure that the rim has the correct bolt pattern type and size to ensure a proper fit with your Dodge RAM.

How do larger rims affect the Dodge RAM's off-road performance and handling characteristics?

Larger rims can affect the Dodge RAM's off-road performance and handling characteristics by improving grip and traction. However, they can also increase vehicle weight and potentially impact ride comfort. It is important to choose the right off-road rims tailored to your needs and preferences to get the best possible combination of performance, stability and comfort.