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Off-road tires with rims - complete wheel guide: selection and installation tips

Offroad Reifen mit Felgen - Kompletträder Guide: Auswahl und Montage-Tipps

Artur Hoffmann |

Off-road drivers know that choosing the right tires with rims has a significant impact on the performance and safety of their vehicle off-road. Complete wheels, i.e. tires that are already mounted on rims, offer a significant advantage. They are not only designed for easy handling and quick changes in different driving situations, but also guarantee that tires and rims are optimally matched to one another. Selecting the right complete wheels is essential to meet the conditions and challenges off the beaten track.

The configuration of complete wheels for off-road use depends on various factors. In addition to vehicle-specific requirements such as load capacity and wheel size, the preferred terrain and individual driving habits also play a role. Whether through mud, over rocky passages or sand dunes - the combination of robust off-road tires and correspondingly stable rims ensures traction and stability to overcome these obstacles. Care and maintenance also play an important role in the longevity of complete bikes, while legal requirements and approvals must be strictly observed.

Key points

  • Complete wheels are a coordinated combination of off-road tires and rims for different types of terrain.
  • They make handling easier and increase safety and driving comfort in off-road use.
  • Careful selection and care of complete wheels ensures their performance and compliance with legal standards.

Basics of off-road tires

Off-road tires are crucial for traction and safety off-road. They must withstand extreme conditions while providing performance and durability.

Tire profiles and properties

Off-road tires are characterized by their coarse profiles, which are designed for use off paved roads. Two common tread types are All Terrain (AT) , which offers balanced performance on and off the road, and Mud Terrain (MUD) , which is optimized for vehicles that frequently travel on muddy and soft surfaces. AT tires have a coarse tread structure that is still similar to road tires and is suitable for a wide range of driving conditions. In contrast , MUD tires have an even more aggressive tread pattern to dig through muddy terrain and ensure maximum traction.

Materials and construction

The materials and construction of off-road tires are designed to withstand physical stress such as high tension and shock. Robust rubber compounds and reinforced sidewalls ensure an increased tire lifespan. The design also pays attention to load capacity and safety in order to withstand even the harshest conditions of wild camping or caravanning. Complete wheels, which include both tires and rims, offer the advantage that they are already assembled as an optimally coordinated product, thus saving the user assembly work and coordination effort. Those interested can find appropriate offers for a selection of complete wheels that are specifically designed for different vehicle types and driving requirements.

Rim designs and materials

When it comes to off-road complete wheels, the design and material of the rims play an important role, as they not only influence the appearance, but are also crucial for the functionality of the wheel.


The RID R05 rims are known for their distinctive style. They combine aesthetics with the robustness required to withstand challenging off-road conditions.


In contrast, the RID R01 rims set themselves apart from others with their more classic design. They offer solid performance for off-road vehicles and are characterized by high resilience.

Steel rims

Steel rims are often the first choice for off-road conditions as they are particularly durable and often cheaper than their light alloy counterparts. Their robustness means they can withstand even difficult terrain.

Alloy wheels

Alloy rims , often referred to as aluminum rims , offer benefits such as weight reduction, which can contribute to lower fuel consumption. Their diverse designs also make them visually attractive for off-road vehicle owners.

Complete wheels configuration

When it comes to complete wheel configuration, the focus is on the individual combination of off-road tires and rims, which is precisely tailored to specific vehicle models and their requirements.

Tire-rim combinations

Selecting the right tire and rim combinations is crucial for performance and safety when driving off-road. Customers can use a rim configurator to select compatible rims and tires specifically for their vehicle type in just a few steps. Various suppliers offer a wide range of products, including steel and aluminum rims in combination with off-road tires that are designed for different types of terrain and weather conditions.

Assembly and balancing

After putting together the optimal tire and rim combination, professional assembly and balancing takes place. Complete off-road wheels should always be professionally assembled and balanced to ensure maximum driving safety and comfort. Service providers such as Euromaster offer complete wheels that are fully assembled and suitable for various types of vehicles, such as SUVs and light trucks. Proper assembly includes correct torque specifications and wheel balancing to achieve even weight distribution and optimal performance.

Vehicle-specific requirements

When purchasing off-road tires with rims - complete wheels, the specific requirements of the vehicle must be taken into account. Each vehicle model has unique demands on the tires, which are crucial for optimal performance and safety off-road.

SUVs and trucks

SUVs and trucks usually require robust complete wheels that not only carry a lot of weight but are also able to withstand various surfaces. Off-road rims must be able to withstand the tensions and loads that arise when driving off-road. For example , special aluminum rims are designed for off-road use. They offer a high level of robustness and are insensitive to stone chips and other mechanical influences.

For this vehicle category, a high load capacity for the tires is also essential. Off-road tires should therefore have a wide tread and a pronounced profile to ensure maximum traction and stability on rough terrain. At Goodwheel you will find appropriately designed tires that meet these requirements.

ATVs and UTVs

All-terrain vehicles (ATVs) and utility task vehicles (UTVs) are designed for extreme off-road conditions and require tires that provide excellent traction and stability on a variety of surfaces. These vehicles require complete wheels that are light and maneuverable to enable high maneuverability.

It is also important for ATVs and UTVs that the complete wheels are able to handle loads on uneven paths without losing ground clearance. The tires must have an aggressive tread pattern in order to develop the necessary traction in muddy or sandy terrain. A specialist in such tires is delta4x4 , which offers a wide range of off-road tires that have been specially developed for the challenges off the beaten track.

Terrain types and tire choice

When choosing the right complete wheels for off-road activities, it is crucial to take the type of terrain into account. Depending on the nature of the surface, specific tire profiles and rims should be selected to ensure the best possible traction and stability.


In sand , it is crucial that off-road tires offer a wide contact surface to minimize sinking. Lightweight rims also reduce weight and make driving on sandy terrain easier. Tires with a less aggressive profile and a pronounced flexibility at low air pressures like those on off-road rims | Branded parts presented at the best prices are advantageous for sand use.


Rocky terrain requires tires with a highly durable tread and reinforced sidewalls to resist cuts and abrasion. Rims have to be particularly durable to avoid deformation and damage caused by sharp rock edges. A guide to all-terrain tires describes tread tires that are suitable for both off-road and on-road use and perform well on rocky surfaces.


Tires with deep, self-cleaning treads and particularly strong traction are essential in mud . Mud tires should be designed to move mud efficiently to the side to maintain consistent grip. On off-road tires: Choosing the right off-road tires - rezulteo provides information on different 4×4 tires that should be selected depending on the terrain requirements.

Care and maintenance of complete wheels

Regular care and maintenance of complete wheels is crucial for their longevity and performance. Not only does it contribute to safety, but it also maintains the value of the wheelset.

Air pressure control

The correct air pressure in the tires is crucial for driving safety and efficiency. Tires with the correct air pressure have lower rolling resistance, resulting in less wear and lower fuel consumption. It is recommended to check the air pressure at least once a month and adjust if necessary. You should always adhere to the values ​​specified by the vehicle manufacturer.

Cleaning and storage

When cleaning complete wheels, it is important to use gentle cleaning agents to avoid damage to tires and rims. After cleaning, the wheels should be stored in a dry and cool place , protected from direct sunlight and large temperature fluctuations. When storing, make sure that there are no heavy objects on the tires .

To ensure tires retain their shape, they should be stored either hanging or standing on a clean surface . If stored for a longer period of time, it is advisable to increase the air pressure slightly to prevent the formation of slabs.

Legal requirements and approval

When using off-road tires with rims as complete wheels, specific legal requirements and approval procedures in Germany must be observed. These ensure that the complete wheels meet safety and environmental standards.

Street legal

For the street approval of off-road tires with rims, explicit approval is required, which is carried out through acceptance in accordance with Section 19 StVZO. The tires must have an ECE marking , which confirms that they meet European standards. Furthermore, it must be checked whether the wheel-tire combination is entered in the vehicle documents or whether an ABE (general operating permit) is available. If there are changes to the standard equipment, individual acceptance may be necessary.

Environmental regulations

The environmental regulations for off-road tires primarily affect noise and rolling resistance. These requirements are set out in EU Regulation No. 2020/740 . Environmental criteria such as CO2 emissions are directly related to the rolling resistance of the tires. Off-road tires with rims must therefore be designed to meet environmental requirements in order to receive approval and be used on public roads.

Market overview and manufacturers

There is a wealth of brands and products in the “off-road complete wheels” section, consisting of off-road tires and matching rims. Customers can choose between premium brands that promise high quality and performance, as well as options that offer good value for money.

Premium brands | RID | DIRT AT Wheels

Premium manufacturers such as RID and DIRT AT Wheels stand for high-quality off-road complete wheels that are optimally designed for demanding off-road driving . Not only do they offer improved traction and durability, but also designs that give the vehicle a distinctive appearance.

Price-performance ratio

However, when choosing a complete off-road bike, it is not just the brand that is important. Many manufacturers, including Euromaster , offer complete bikes that have a balanced price-performance ratio. They are a considered choice for drivers looking for reliability at a reasonable price.

Buying advice and tips

When selecting complete wheels consisting of off-road tires and rims, it is crucial to make an informed purchasing decision. This is based on careful budget planning and choosing the right dealer.

Budget planning

Budget planning plays an essential role when purchasing complete bikes. Buyers should set a clear budget that includes not only the purchase price but also possible additional costs such as shipping or assembly. It should be noted that high-quality off-road tires can last longer and therefore represent an economical investment in the long term.

Dealer and online purchase

When choosing a retailer, you should pay attention to whether they offer a wide range and whether the products come with a warranty . Buying online from reputable retailers can be advantageous as customers can view reviews from other buyers and benefit from a larger product selection. It is helpful to pay attention to reviews and tests to ensure that the quality meets your personal requirements.

frequently asked Questions

This section answers common questions about off-road tires with rims – so-called complete wheels – and provides important information about their possible uses, service life and selection criteria.

What are the best off-road tires on the market?

The leading off-road tires vary depending on the area of ​​application and vehicle type. Reliable off-road tires offer robust construction and high load capacity , essential for off-road driving.

Are off-road tires with a snowflake symbol suitable for winter?

Tires with a snowflake symbol meet the legal requirements for winter tires and provide adequate traction on snow and ice. Off-road tires with this symbol are therefore generally suitable for winter conditions.

Do road-legal off-road tires have any restrictions in normal road traffic?

Road-legal off-road tires are approved for use on public roads, but due to their profile and design, they can result in higher noise levels and altered driving characteristics.

What is the average lifespan of off-road tires?

The lifespan of off-road tires depends on various factors such as driving style, terrain type and maintenance. On average, off-road tires can last between 40,000 and 70,000 kilometers.

What size off-road tires should I choose on a 16, 17 or 18 inch rim?

Choosing the size for off-road tires depends on the needs of the vehicle and the driver. In general, larger rims should be chosen for heavier vehicles or for more demanding terrain.

Are all-season tires recommended for off-road activities and why?

All-season tires can be a good choice for off-road activities as long as the tread and design are designed for off-road driving. They offer the advantage of not having to be changed seasonally.