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Ford Transit rims: selection and buying advice

Ford Transit Felgen: Auswahl und Kaufberatung

Artur Hoffmann |

Ford Transit rims: selection and buying advice

Aluminum rims are a popular accessory for vehicles as they not only improve aesthetics, but often also contribute to better driving dynamics. For owners of a Ford Transit, a robust and versatile vehicle, choosing the right rims is an important decision. There are a variety of rim designs and sizes on the market, specifically adapted to the different models of Ford Transit, from vans to towards mobile homes.

When buying aluminum rims for the Ford Transit, compatibility is a crucial criterion. The rims must be able to carry the load of the vehicle and should ideally be able to be mounted without additional adjustments. Many manufacturers offer complete wheels that are specially prepared for the Ford Transit Custom, and some even offer 0% interest financing. Durable 16-inch aluminum rims are also available for the Ford Transit, which can be ordered in matt black or silver as desired.

In addition to the load capacity and fit, the design of the rims plays a major role as owners can give their vehicle a personal touch. Some providers such as carry a selection of the most popular aluminum rim models so that customers can find a rim that suits their individual style. Whether for practical purposes or to enhance the visual appearance - choosing the right rims is an important step for every Ford Transit owner.

General information about Ford Transit rims

Wheels are a critical part of any vehicle, and on Ford Transit they play an important role in performance, safety and aesthetics. They are not just visual features, but also influence driving behavior and load capacity.

Rim material : Most Ford Transit models come with steel rims as standard, while aluminum rims are available as an upgrade.

  • Advantage of steel rims : robustness and cost savings
  • Advantage of aluminum rims : weight reduction and improved cooling of the brakes

Rim sizes : The Ford Transit offers a range of rim sizes, which can vary depending on the model and year. Common sizes for the rims are:

  • 15 inches
  • 16 inches
  • 17 inch

Tire-rim combinations: Various combinations of rim and tire sizes are permitted. Always pay attention to the correct bolt circle , offset (ET) and tire specifications.

You can find exact specifications for rims and compatible tire sizes on sites like .

Care and maintenance: Caring for the rims contributes to longevity and safety. Regular cleaning and checking for damage are essential for this.

For more detailed information about the load capacity and properties of various rims for your Transit, you can contact ORC Exklusiv GmbH .

Wheel sizes for the Ford Transit

When replacing or upgrading rims on a Ford Transit, knowing specific rim sizes is crucial. Rim specifier sizes only fit certain model years and bolt circles.

RID R05 8×18 ET50 5×160 | Ford Transit

RID R05 rims measuring 8×18 with an offset (ET) of 50 and a bolt circle of 5×160 are suitable for certain Ford Transit models.

bolt circles

The bolt pattern of the Ford Transit has changed over the years. Here is a summary:

  • Generation I [1965 .. 1978] : Not available
  • Generation I facelift [1978 .. 1986] : 5x160
  • Generation II [1987 .. 1992] : 5x160
  • Generation II facelift [1992 .. 1995] : 5x160, 6x180
  • Generation III [2000 .. 2006] : 5x160
  • Generation III facelift [2006 .. 2014] : 5x160, 6x180
  • Generation IV [2014 .. 2021] : 5x160, 6x180
  • Generation IV Facelift [2020 .. 2025] : 5x160, 6x180


The dimension of a wheel includes the rim width and rim diameter, which are expressed in inches (""). For example, "7J x 15" indicates a rim width of 7 inches and a rim diameter of 15 inches.

Inch sizes

Rims for the Ford Transit are available in various inch sizes, which are specifically tailored to the vehicle model and year of manufacture. The rim size format is represented as rim width (inches) x rim diameter (inches).

Materials and designs

Wheel rims for the Ford Transit are available in various materials , depending on your requirements and preferences. The most common materials are:

  • Steel : Robust and inexpensive, ideal for heavy loads.
  • Aluminum : Lighter than steel, improves driving performance and fuel efficiency.

The designs of the rims also vary:

  • One-piece rims : Made from one piece, they offer a good balance between strength and weight.
  • Multi-part rims : Consist of several components, which allows for individual adjustments.


Material type Characteristics
steel High strength, lower cost
aluminum Light weight, better heat dissipation

In terms of design, the rims can be divided into classic and modern , with the classic rims having simple patterns and the modern rims having complex designs and surface treatments.

Wheels for Ford Transit must meet specific load capacity and dimensional requirements so as not to compromise the safety and performance of the vehicle. An overview can be found on websites such as Ford Transit rims and tire sizes by year , which list the compatible rim size, bolt pattern (PCD) and other important specifications.

Design and styling

The Ford Transit Custom is not only a practical commercial vehicle, but can also impress with its external appearance. In terms of design and styling, rims offer an excellent opportunity to add a personal touch to the vehicle.

Aluminum rims are particularly popular because they offer a combination of aesthetics and functionality . The market offers a variety of designs – from classic and simple to modern and sporty. The rim size plays an important role here, which can affect not only the appearance but also the driving behavior.

  • Color variations: Black , silver and gray are common color options that are very popular and complement the vehicle design.
  • Design lines: Whether multiple spokes that ensure a dynamic look or robust blocks that signal stability, the choice is large.
  • Finish options: Matt or glossy finish gives the rims an individual character.

Customers can also choose custom Ford design rims that are tailored to the quality and appearance of their Transit. Some providers even allow you to view the rims on the vehicle in a 3D configurator .

Selecting the right rims is therefore a crucial factor in visually highlighting the Transit Custom and at the same time ensuring that the commercial vehicle retains the necessary performance.

Resilience and load capacity

The resilience of rims is a crucial factor for the safety and performance of a vehicle. With the Ford Transit in particular, it is important to ensure that the rims have adequate load-bearing capacity , as this vehicle is often used to transport heavy loads.

Ford itself states that the load capacity of the original rims is generally higher than the maximum load that the vehicle itself can carry. It is important that the rims retain their shape even when the vehicle is at full capacity and do not compromise safety.

Rims for the Ford Transit are available in different sizes and designed for different weight classes. The load capacity of the rims therefore varies depending on the manufacturer and model. With Borbet rims , for example, load capacities of up to 1400 kg can be achieved, which underlines the robust construction of these rims.

The size and weight of the Ford Transit itself also influence the necessary load capacity of the rims. Here is a list of relevant data for rims that are suitable for certain Ford Transit models:

  • Rim size: Varies depending on model and year of manufacture
  • Bolt circle: Specifies the diameter that is crucial for the screw connections
  • Offset (ET): Important for the position of the rim in the wheel arch

When selecting rims, it is recommended to pay attention to the manufacturer's exact specifications and to check compatibility with the specific Transit model.

Tire compatibility

When choosing tires for the Ford Transit , it is crucial to stick to the tire specifications approved by the manufacturer. Tire compatibility not only influences driving safety, but also the handling of the vehicle. For users who need information about wheel and tire compatibility, Ford offers a wide range of resources. For example, you can view the rim size, tire size, bolt pattern (PCD) and other important specifications based on the Transit's vehicle year.

A typical tire size specification for the Ford Transit would look like this:

  • 225/65R16C 112/110 R

The above information shows the width of the tire in millimeters, the ratio of height to width, the rim diameter in inches and finally the load and speed index.

It is important not to make unwarranted changes to tire sizes as these may result in an undesirable change in driving characteristics and could affect the vehicle's warranty. The local Ford dealer should be consulted to ensure that any modifications are in accordance with the manufacturer's safety standards and recommendations.

In individual cases, if an adjustment of the tire and rim size is planned, it is important to ensure that the new dimensions are also accepted by the Federal Motor Transport Authority and that a corresponding release is available. This is essential in order not to endanger the operating license of the Ford Transit.

Manufacturers and brands

In the field of rim manufacturers for the Ford Transit, there are a variety of brands that offer high-quality and design-oriented solutions. These manufacturers sometimes specialize in certain types of vehicles or equip their products with special features to meet the different needs of Ford Transit drivers.

List of well-known rim manufacturers for Ford Transit:

  • Schmidt Rims: Known for their quality and individuality, this brand offers a wide range of rim designs Rim Manufacturers List .
  • TEC Speedwheels: This brand is part of GEWE Reifen- undräder wholesale GmbH and stands for a combination of quality and aesthetics.
  • Tomason GmbH: Offers modern designs that are characterized by their unique appearance and high functionality. Rim brands from A to Z.

The rim shop provides individual solutions for customers who are interested in complete wheels. There you can get not only rims, but also complete wheels specifically for the Ford Transit Custom, including free shipping and attractive financing offers Ford Transit Custom rims and complete wheels .

In the official Ford online shop, Ford drivers can purchase rims in Ford design that are not only visually appealing but also of high quality. Ford online shop .

Another provider,, presents a wide range of rims and wheels that are TÜV-tested and approved for various Ford models. Rims for Ford . offers an extensive selection of aluminum rims for the Ford Transit and its different models, such as the Transit Connect. Customers can choose from a variety of sizes and styles to add a personal touch to their vehicle with Ford Transit rims .

Availability varies depending on manufacturer and model variant. It is important for customers to pay attention to the correct specifications such as bolt circle and rim size so that the rims fit the Ford Transit perfectly.

Installation and maintenance

Vehicle owners should proceed carefully when changing and maintaining the rims on the Ford Transit . It is important that only wheel/ tire combinations approved for the vehicle are used. This information can be found in the registration certificate part 2 or the CoC paper and can also be requested from a Ford dealer .


  • Ensure rims are of correct specifications
  • All fasteners must be checked for damage and replaced if necessary
  • When tightening the screws, observe the specified torque


  • Regularly check the condition of the rims, including possible damage or deformation
  • The air pressure of the tires should be checked regularly according to the manufacturer's instructions
  • Pay attention to corrosion protection, especially in winter conditions

Vehicle owners can consult the Ford Transit owner's manual for detailed instructions on installing and maintaining rims. If anything is unclear, it is advisable to seek professional help to ensure the safety and performance of the vehicle.

Accessories and adjustments

Rims play an important role when customizing a Ford Transit. They can not only change the appearance of the vehicle, but also improve its handling.

Rims: High-quality aluminum rims not only give the Transit an attractive appearance, but can also help reduce weight, which in turn can have a positive effect on fuel consumption.

Tire combinations: Various tire combinations are possible for the Ford Transit. Durable 16-inch aluminum rims with tire combinations 235/65 R16 or 225/75 R16 are available. For off-road driving, special all-terrain tires, such as the General Grabber AT 3, in size 225/75 R16 can be chosen.

  • Color options: The rims are usually available in different colors, with matt black and silver being common options.

  • Designs: The market offers a variety of designs and styles, so there are complete bikes to suit every taste. Providers like Felgenladen24 offer numerous design variants to choose from.

It should be noted that the installation of accessories and the change to other tire and rim sizes must be carried out correctly according to the manufacturer's instructions in order not to affect the safety and performance of the vehicle.

Legal regulations and certifications

When replacing or selecting rims for the Ford Transit, it is essential to comply with legal regulations . The approved wheel and tire combinations are recorded in the registration certificate part 2. They must also comply with the regulations of the EU Commission, which is confirmed by the ECE test mark on the tires. This symbol, a capital "E" in a circle followed by a number, is proof that the tires are approved for traffic within Europe.

Similar certifications apply to rims. Compliance with these standards ensures that quality and safety meet standards. Vehicle owners should also pay attention to compatibility according to the vehicle registration document or the CoC paper and, if in doubt, consult their authorized Ford dealer .

Another component on the subject of certifications is the load capacity of the rims. The load indexes must correspond to the vehicle weight and maximum load.

Finally, the Ford Transit rims should meet the following criteria:

  • ECE-compliant marking
  • Compliance with the load capacity
  • Manufacturer certification
  • Compliance with the information in the registration certificate

Compliance with the requirements not only ensures legal compliance, but also driving safety and vehicle performance.

frequently asked Questions

When selecting rims for a Ford Transit, there are several factors that need to be taken into account in order to find the right size, bolt circle and tire dimension. This FAQ provides specific answers to common questions about Ford Transit rims.

Which alloy wheel sizes are available for a Ford Transit motorhome?

Various aluminum rim sizes are available for the Ford Transit motorhome, which can vary depending on the model and year of manufacture. It is important to choose the size approved by the manufacturer to ensure the safety and performance of the vehicle.

What bolt pattern do Ford Transit rims have?

The bolt circle of Ford Transit rims is a crucial factor for compatibility with the vehicle. The hole circle indicates the diameter of the circle on which the bolt holes are distributed.

Which tire size is optimal for the Ford Transit Custom?

The optimal tire size for the Ford Transit Custom depends on the model and the desired driving dynamics. The recommended sizes can be found in the registration certificate or the manufacturer's information.

Can I use 19-inch or 20-inch rims on a Ford Transit Custom?

It is possible to use 19-inch or 20-inch rims on a Ford Transit Custom as long as these rims are approved for the specific model and weight of the vehicle. However, care must be taken to ensure that the wheel arch and suspension travel dimensions are sufficient.

Are there black rim options for the Ford Transit?

Yes, there are black wheel options for the Ford Transit, available both as genuine Ford parts and from third-party aftermarket suppliers.

Which engine is considered the best for the Ford Transit?

When it comes to engines for the Ford Transit, the “best” is subjective and depends on individual needs and intended use. Ford offers a range of engine options that serve different performance and efficiency needs.